Utilities Health and Safety

Quality environment, health and safety solutions for the Utilities industry


  • On average 3% of workers in the water supply and waste industry suffer from a work related illness and 2% suffer from a work related injury.
  • In this sector there have been 37 worker fatalities over the past 5 years
  • During 2013/14 the rate of injuries for the power sector was 131.3 per 100,000 workers.
  • In 2014 there were 515 injuries that required First Aid treatment from UK power stations with 28 classified as major injuries.
  • There were 13 fatal injuries, 6 employees and 7 members of the public, within the gas, electricity and water supply industries during 2014/15

Discover a series of leading EHS, compliance and sustainability software solutions by Airsweb. Whether you’re looking to fulfil your corporate social responsibility, or boost the confidence of your clients and stakeholders, you’ll find high quality, specialist software modules for every aspect of safety, risk management and compliance.

The energy and utilities sector is constantly under pressure to look at alternative resources, maximise existing as well as deliver to customers, which is for ever expanding as the population expands.

In terms of work related injuries and occupational illnesses, there are far fewer incidents in the energy sector than manufacturing or construction. A key issue for the industry is protecting the general public and consumers, in addition to potential adverse effects on the environment.

Environmental health and safety

Our cloud based EHS management software comprises of a variety of integrated web-based modules to manage risks, incidents, permits and much more include; incident management, risk assessment and analytics module.

Each sophisticated, best of breed EHS management software tool is highly configurable and incredibly simple to use. With our help, utility companies based in every corner of the globe can introduce industry standard best practices and encourage behavioural and cultural change at power stations, rigs and other high risk workplaces.

EHS compliance solutions for the utilities industry

Our compliance modules allow you to efficiently manage audits, regulatory compliance, action tracking and material safety data sheets.

Compliance standards can change from time to time, but with our cloud-based software solutions you can be confident that your global network of facilities are bang up to date and fully compliant with the latest standards.

Airsweb EHS compliance modules include audit management, action tracking and material safety data sheets or MSDS; while our mobile app enables workers to enter data into the Airsweb system offline without creating a synchronisation issue.

Utilities Sustainability software

One of the biggest challenges to the utilities industry is the virtual minefield of sustainability processes which now govern the utility and energy industry. But with Airsweb sustainability software, you can report company-wide sustainability metrics and streamline many of the verification and analysis processes which are now required by law.

Why do energy companies choose Airsweb EHS management solutions?

Airsweb is already providing a comprehensive suite of EHS management, compliance and sustainability software tools to some of the world’s biggest energy companies. Corporate social responsibility is one of the most important aspects of any global organisation and utility companies have a duty to their employees and to the rest of the world, by sourcing energy resources ethically and sustainably