Transport Health and Safety

Health and safety software for transportation


  • Every year, there are over 5,000 accidents involving transport in the workplace.
  • About 50 of these result in fatalities.
  • 1.1 million working days are lost in the transport and storage sector as 3% of workers suffer from an illness they believe is work related.
  • Another 3% of workers sustain a work related injury which leads to another 0.3 million working days lost

*Source: Health and Safety Executive statistics

From road networks covering over 4,300 miles to over land rail transport infrastructure including 20,000 miles of track and 40,000 bridges; to airports handling 470,000 flights and supply chain transportation to over 3,000 customers, the transport industry is a vast network vital to our economy. It touches virtually everybody on the planet.

With Airsweb, you enjoy best of breed health and safety modules for every aspect of transportation risk management and legal compliance.

Environmental health and safety

Our comprehensive suite of integrated software modules allow transport bosses and HR managers to manage transport accidents, safety risks, permits and other aspects of health and safety. Create workflows and receive email updates to ensure that you’re always on top of any situation, and use real time analytics tools to generate reports and review health and safety standards.

Transport compliance software

With our integrated compliance modules, you can ensure your standards meet the very latest health and safety legislation. A transport company’s health and safety standards must satisfy regulations and also the expectations of customers and stakeholders. Airsweb’s suite of compliance tools allows you to enter audits, create dashboards and reports, while staying up to date with the very latest from the health and safety industry. Best of all any combination of EHS and compliance modules can be chosen.


Sustainability is now more important to the transport industry than ever before, with businesses held to account for the way they manage their resources and the size of their carbon footprint. Our integrated sustainability software streamlines all of the legal processes in place and allow businesses to measure, manage and reduce their environmental impact.

Why do transport companies choose Airsweb?

Many global transport organisations choose Airsweb EHS management, compliance and sustainability software because the diversity of the users across a company means you need an easy system that people feel confident, at all levels, to effectively use.

‘The current range of Airsweb products helps us do our job because it’s easily accessible and we have sites distributed all over the UK and throughout Europe. The fact that it is software as a service takes care of all that for us. Airsweb makes my job as an IT Manager easier.’

Carl McIver, Business IT Manager, Gist