Risk Assessment

The Airsweb EHS Risk Assessment software solution provides a structured approach to managing quantitative and qualitative risk assessments

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Risk Assessment Risk Assessment Risk Assessment

Create a structured risk management programme

The Risk Assessment module enables an organisation to understand hazards, develop controls, assign actions and share templates and assessments to mitigate risk on a company-wide basis. It offers a straightforward approach to quantitative and qualitative risk assessment that guides the assessor through the risk assessment process, building a company-wide risk library available to the entire workforce.

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment


  • Best practice templates for people, task, environmental and process-based risk assessments.
  • User-definable hierarchy of controls e.g. elimination, substitution, separation.
  • User-definable Hazard and Control tree.
  • 7 stage COSHH Risk Assessment template.
  • Risk register to identify the most popular hazards e.g. top 5, top 10.
  • Ability to clone Risk Assessments and notify updates to the Master Risk Assessment.
  • Configurable pre and post control Risk ratings.
  • Risk Assessment review dates based on severity rating.
  • Automated email handshake to confirm Risk Assessments received and read by the intended recipient.


Risk assessment templates allow standard assessments to be carried out across an organisation’s operations. Automatic review date reminder and version control provide all the key legal requirements for effective risk management.

Risk Assessment Risk Assessment Risk Assessment


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