Permit to Work

Replace the burden of a paper-based system with this fully auditable and comprehensive solution to permit management

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Permit to Work Permit to Work Permit to Work

Manage contractors and workplace safety

The Airsweb EHS Permit To Work solution enables effective management control of potentially hazardous tasks. A full audit trail of permits issued and authorised demonstrates a proactive approach to contractor management and workplace safety. The Permit To Work module ensures that the necessary precautions are put in place to carry out a task and that the right person is authorised to carry out specific work within a specified time frame.

Permit to Work
Permit to Work
Permit To Work


  • Create job-specific permit templates e.g. hot work, at height, confined spaces.
  • Ensure all contractors have appropriate approvals.
  • Attach documents such as method statements and risk assessments.
  • Create both paper and electronic copies of permits.
  • Automate contractor lookup; validate certificates and qualifications.
  • Track induction through to completion.
  • Issue an unlimited number and type of permits.
  • Generate e-mail notifications.
  • Track permits issued and in operation across the organisation through on-screen views and reports.


Airsweb Permit To Work will significantly reduce the administrative burden and cost of a paper-based system and will deliver a fully auditable, comprehensive approach to permit and contractor management.

It will ensure that the risk of using third party workers is controlled and managed across multiple sites using a transparent, efficient and consistent approach.


Permit to Work Permit to Work Permit to Work


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