Access AVA anywhere, anytime. Our purpose built, native Android and iOS apps give full access to your AVA system.

Record Incidents At Source

Incidents don’t happen behind a desk. They happen in factories, construction sites, shop floors – wherever risks occur. The AVA mobile app enables field workers to enter data at the point of the incident. Increased incident reporting and user adoption are just some of the benefits to having a dedicated EHS mobile application. And of course, our unyielding commitment to user experience means that this is just as straightforward as creating incidents on the full browser based version of AVA.

Work Offline Or Online

In many instances, field workers may not have an internet connection when events occur.

As a true offline application, AVA app users can enter data without the fear of creating synchronisation issues.


When connections are available, AVA will automatically sync data with your live system. Field users can then get access to the same real-time updates and statistics available in the browser version.

A Deeper Look At Mobile

Native iOS and Android Apps

AVA Mobile uses advance technology to bring you apps that are purpose built for the iOS and Android operating systems, while maintaining just one code base. This means our developers can bring you regular updates including product improvements and security updates - with no input required from you.

Security by Design

AVA is built using the principles of security by design and nowhere is this more important in our mobile app. Features such as 2 factor authentication and single-sign-on protect users. Regular updates and security patches ensure servers and back end applications always have up to date security.

Configurability Guaranteed

AVA Mobile offers you the ability  to tailor the mobile experience of your users. AVA Mobile pulls user settings from the desktop version - ensure your permissions are consistent across devices.

Using your audit library you can conduct audits using only the most relevant form fields or log an incident using only your specified forms. The choice is yours!

Key Features

Anywhere. Any Time

Access AVA from any device / purpose built iOS and Android apps / single code-base ensures regular security and functionality updates.

Incident Management

Record incidents at source / easily attach any file type / record first-hand witness statements.

Audit Management

Conduct audits directly into AVA / reduce work duplication and paper waste / assign corrective actions / track actions through to completion.

Offline Working

Continue working - even when no signal is available / sync your work to AVA when connections available / perfect for remote or loan workers.

Key Benefits

Increase User Adoption

Like all AVA modules - AVA Mobile is designed with ease of use at its core. Easy to use systems are more likely to be utilised to report incidents and even near misses.

More Accurate Incident Reports

The AVA mobile app allows you to record incidents at source. Take witness statements, pictures and video to accurately record events. Use first hand evidence to support analysis and findings.

Work Online. Work Offline

AVA Mobile works beautifully when connected to the internet. It also works beautifully when no connections are available Continue working and then simply sync to AVA when a connection becomes available.

Scaleable Productivity Improvements

Conduct audits once. Use the AVA mobile app to record audits directly into AVA. Reduce work duplication and paper waste. Reuse audit templates time and again to scale productivity gains across your organisation.

Experience AVA For Yourself

Our team would love to demonstrate the power of AVA for you in a one-on-one demo. If you would like to learn more then arrange a demo today!

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