Incident Management System

Capture, manage and investigate incidents at the operational level. Analyse and report on incident performance at the executive level.

Record Incidents On Any Device

Recording an incident is rarely as simple as it sounds. Complex or confusing forms can drive down reporting rates.

AVA’s solution is to make it as easy as possible to record incidents. Our straightforward incident management solution replicates beautifully on desktop or our native mobiles apps.

Simplicity Meets Intelligence

Once data is recorded, Incident Management integrates with Workflows and our reporting and analytics suite.

The result? A fully integrated incident management solution where all incidents trigger the necessary actions and analytics provide executives with the information they need to make key decisions.

A Deeper Look At Incident Management

Designed for Everyone

All AVA module have ease of use at their core and nowhere is that more important than with incident management.

Meet Regulatory Compliance

AVA's incident management module is pre-configured to help your organisation meet RIDDOR/OSHA or any other reporting requirements.

Configurability Guaranteed

Incident Management forms can be easily configured to your specific needs and requirements. Labels and field names can even be updated by administrators.

Manage any Event

Incident Management isn't just for incidents. It can be used to manage any event type, track it through to completion and rule out non-conformance's.

Key Features

Dynamic Forms

Record information that matters to you / faster root cause analysis / ensure compliance with RIDDOR and OSHA / unlimited incident types.

Upload Evidence

Document evidence at the scene / upload any file type /all documents follow strict privacy and security protocols.


Dedicated iOS and Android apps /purpose built for ease of use / work on or offline and sync once you have connectivity.

Data Visualisation

Query any and all incident data quickly and easily / establish patterns and underlying root causes / track leading and lagging indicators and view real-time performance summaries.

In-built Action Tracking

Notify and escalate incidents to the appropriate management level based on severity / implement CAPA tracking /Automate associated notifications and actions.

Key Benefits

Native App, Native Language

Good design means more than being user friendly. It is about increasing user adoption through 'designed for Mobile' software ergonomics. AVA also supports 90 of the world's most used languages so wherever your incident occurs, it can be accurately recorded and translated instantly.

Automated Notifications

Incident Management work in harmony with Action Tracking. Assign corrective actions based on any incident. Track them through to completion.

Dynamic, Drillable Analysis

Interpreting incident data from paper, spreadsheets or even legacy systems is difficult to spot patterns and trends. AVA helps you to find meaning in your incidents data.

Privacy by Design

AVA's permissions structure mean sensitive data pertaining to incidents is handling in the strictest confidence. All personally identifiable data is protected in line with current privacy regulations.

Experience AVA For Yourself

Our team would love to demonstrate the power of AVA for you in a one-on-one demo. If you would like to learn more then arrange a demo today!

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