Advanced Environmental Management

Effective, flexible business tool to record, report and analyse an organisation's resource consumption.

Effectively Track Pollutants

The Airsweb Environmental Management Module can manage and report a wide range of data such as air pollutants, greenhouse gasses, water, wastewater, waste, or other sustainability metrics. The software was built with end users in mind to simplify the management of advanced calculations, leverage templates for emission asset and sources, and provide a wide range of data and business analytics.

Environmental Insights

Environmental sources can be setup for the entire corporation and / or specific sites. These sources can then be queried and analysed by source type, locations, and many other criteria.

Key Features

  • ‍Ability to create templates that match your current processes and calculations
  • Setup your template once and use it as many times as needed in the hierarchy
  • The hierarchy can be  based on physical location, permit structure, or in any order desired structure
  • Ability to lookup values using different time ranges and aggregations
  • One-click import and export data from Excel.

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