Get the bigger picture. Dynamic, real-time data plugged into configurable dashboards. Welcome to the dashboards you’ve always wanted.

Get the bigger picture.

Download our product sheet for AVA Dashboards to see how you can get the bigger picture with dynamic, drillable data plugged into configurable dashboards that harness the power of your data to help you make proactive and informed safety decisions.

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Insight Is One Click Away

AVA combines simplicity and power to bring you the EHS insights you have always wanted. Pin any tile, graph or stat to your dashboard with one click. Build multiple dashboards grouped by themes, locations or event types.

Dynamic Real-Time Analysis

Every single dashboard is dynamic. Dynamic dashboards allow you to configure and drill down into the events behind the figures. And of course, everything happens in real time, so as soon as an event occurs, your dashboards update accordingly. AVA ensures you always have the latest stats and figures at your fingertips.

A Deeper Look At Dashboards

Find Meaning In Data

Interpreting EHS data from paper, spreadsheets or even legacy EHS systems is difficult to spot patterns and trends. AVA Dashboards help you to find meaning in your EHS data.

Ask new questions, spot trends, identify opportunities to be proactive, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Powerful Predictive Idiosyncratic

AVA is powered by a graph database which make connections between data better than any other kind of database.

In fact, AVA will be able to make inferences about data that even you might not realise is connected.

Configurability Guaranteed

AVA dashboards are designed to help you make sense of the numbers with out-of-the-box chart styles.

The layout of your dashboard, however, is up to you. Promote the stats and graphs that are important to you and demote the ones that aren't.

Key Features


Visualise your data / drill into statistics in no more than 2 clicks.


Understand complex data relationships / choose from and easily change best practice graph styles / great for comparing data-sets.


Create query's on any data-set / change query data to pivot your insight / edit data dynamically, right in your dashboard.


Insert images to illustrate stats / add rich text fields to add analysis labels, titles or conclusions / change graph layout and size with consummate ease.


Share dashboards with any other AVA user / security permissions are respected when sharing / users will only see data that is relevant to their position.

Intuitive Pinning System

Pin any tile, graph or stat from any module in AVA / easily build multiple dashboards / group by themes, locations or event types.

Key Benefits

Data Visualisation

Understanding the masses of data in your organisation at a glance. AVA's easy to use best practice graph styles means you can quickly and easily change style to best represent your data.


Ensure that the data you are making key decisions on is up-to-date. All data in AVA Dashboards is in real-time.

Scaleable Productivity Improvements

Share dashboards with colleagues to increase their productivity. Make data driven decisions to increase the productivity of your entire workforce.

Dynamic, Drillable Analysis

Every dashboard is dynamic which allows you to configure and drill down into the events behind the figures. Get to the root cause of events in no more than two clicks - anywhere in AVA.

Data Driven Decisions

Make proactive safety decisions to keep your workforce safe. AVA helps you to spot patterns and set alerts when key thresholds are reached.

AVA's unparalleled configurability means you can slice and dice your data in a multitude of ways - ensuring the decisions you make are the right ones.

Experience AVA For Yourself

Our team would love to demonstrate the power of AVA for you in a one-on-one demo. If you would like to learn more then arrange a demo today!

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