COVID-19 Tracker

Report, record and analyse the impact across your workforce and sites - in real-time!

COVID-19 Tracker

AVA's dedicated COVID-19 Tracker module empowers you to instantly identify if any hot-spots start to appear with your most valuable asset - your people.

Prevent Wider Spread

Implementing effective preventative measures to minimise the spread of COVID, or any other pandemic is just one of the vital actions a company needs to take.

Timely COVID related evidence and investigation can empower you to plan, forecast and prevent further spread.

Identify Hot Spots Fast

Tracking the impact of COVID is paramount to help avoid further spread and enable you to protect your workforce. The COVID-19 Tracker allows you to quickly and easily record cases and immediately identify 'hot spots', so that corrective actions can be put in place.

Key Benefits

  • Gain visibility of COVID and the impact to your business
  • Make decisions on real time cases and sources of infection to reduce the outbreak
  • Quickly and easily record a suspected or confirmed COVID case using the simple form layout
  • Immediately track cases and identify the potential causation

Key Features

  • Quickly and easily record and track incidents and receive real time automated Action and Email notifications.
  • AVA COVID-19 Tracker charts enable you to access and analyse the granular detail fast enabling the business to react fast.
  • Schedule daily reporting outputs to maximise effective monitoring and implement rapid changes in processes, environment and key messages.
  • AVA's dynamic dashboards provide 'at a glance' intelligence on the COVID impact enabling you to react to potential supply chain issues, work force skill shortages whilst monitoring the business impact.
  • Easily screen infection sources recorded and staff isolation periods to help with workflow planning.
  • Increase user reporting at all levels where mobile technology is permitted.

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