Behavioural Safety

A highly configurable behavioural safety observation tool used to promote safety awareness and transparency

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Behavioural Safety Behavioural Safety Behavioural Safety

Change the safety culture

Airswebs EHS Behavioural Safety provides the software tools to record and analyse observations, at all levels and locations, of your organisation.

It pinpoints at-risk behaviours and tracks corrective and preventive actions to drive down incident rates.

Behavioural Safety
Behavioural Safety
Behavioural Safety


  • Build your own structured safety observation programme.s
  • Manage safety tours, SUSA/STOP safety programmes.
  • Capture Ad-hoc observations.
  • Promote Key Safe Behaviours and Positive/bright Ideas reporting.
  • Implement and manage Corrective and Preventive Action tracking (CAPA).
  • Carry out remote, off-line observations through the fully integrated mobile app.
  • Track management involvement and progress against observations targets.
  • Track the impact of the Behaviour Based Safety program on other safety metrics using analytics.


Airsweb EHS Behavioural Safety can change an organisation’s safety culture by improving behaviours. It does this by tracking key safety behaviours, by location and task, leading to the identification of non-conformance actions or conditions within an organisation.

Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools identify areas at risk before costly unwanted events occur.

Behavioural Safety Behavioural Safety Behavioural Safety


Learn more about Airsweb AVA – the most technologically advanced EHS software solution in the world.

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