Audit Management

Automated. Configurable. Easy to use. Our Audit Management module can be tailored to meet the needs of any organisation.

A Mobile first Approach to Audit Management

Download our product sheet for the Audit Management Module to see how Airsweb AVA can help you find meaning in your audit data

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Best Practice Built-In

Audit Management comes with a range of best practice templates built in. But it doesn’t stop there. It allows you to configure your own audits to use in ways that best suit your organisation. It enables you to measure your overall EHS compliance against both regulatory requirements and internal KPIs.

Integrated Solution

Audit Management is fully integrated into the AVA ecosystem. It works flawlessly with other modules such as Action Tracking and Schedule to ensure appropriate actions are followed up and regular audits scheduled.

At an executive level, our analytics and reporting suite can provide deep insight into your audits.

A Deeper Look At Audit Management

Conduct Audits | Analyse Results

Interpreting audit data from paper, spreadsheets or even legacy EHS systems often means duplicated work and difficult to analyse results. AVA helps you to find meaning in your audit data.

Ask new questions, spot trends, identify opportunities to be proactive, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Unprecedented Audit Insight

All AVA modules are underpinned by a powerful graph database which makes connections between data better than any other kind of database. AVA will be able to understand your audit data understand the underlying causes behind it.

Configurability Guaranteed

AVA Audit Management, like all AVA modules, is highly configurable. Create and configure anything from form layouts, scoring methods to checklists, questionnaires and scoring rules.

Key Features

Configurable Templates

Tailor templates to meet your requirements / configure scoring methods, checklist and more / create an unlimited number of audit templates. Meet ISO / OSHA /IAP regulatory compliance.


Dedicated iOS and Android apps / purpose built for mobile to ensure ease of use and reduce work duplication / work online or offline. Sync audits to AVA when connections become available.

Track Non-Conformances

Assign actions based on non-conformance's /set automated action reminders / use custom approval workflows.

Analyse Results

Establish patters and common non-conformance's /visualise data as tiles or best practice graph styles / create audit-specific dashboards and share with any other AVA users.

Audit Library

Create a library of tailored audit templates / access pre-loaded best practice audit templates and users will only see data that is relevant to their position.

Key Benefits

Mobile First Approach

Our Designed for Mobile philosophy means Audit Management works best on mobile devices. Log audit results directly into AVA to reduce work duplication and paper consumptions.

No Signal? No problem. Mobile audits work offline and can be synced up when signal becomes available.

Audits Mean Action

AVA's modular system helps you to drive real change. Use audits to identify corrective or even proactive actions. Assign actions and then track them through to completion with automated notifications and clear escalation routes.

Schedule Your Audit Programme

Make proactive safety decisions to keep your workforce safe. Use audit data to spot patterns and set alerts when key thresholds are reached.  

AVA's unparalleled configurability means you can slice and dice your data in a multitude of ways - ensuring the decisions you make are the right ones.

Meet Regulatory Compliance

Meet your regulatory compliance requirements - including ISO and OSHA requirements. Built libraries of audit templates to cater for any situation.

Experience AVA For Yourself

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