Action Tracking

Effective tracking of corrective and preventative actions including non-conformances

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Action Tracking Action Tracking Action Tracking

Accountability and control throughout the EHS system

The Airsweb Action Tracking software solution enables company-wide management of corrective and preventive actions, tasks and non-conformances to meet regulatory compliance requirements and improve EHS performance. Action Tracking is a fully integrated feature across all modules of the Airsweb software solution, but can also act as a stand-alone action tracking register. Actions can be tracked from assignment through to completion with automatic reminders (including email and SMS) and specific escalation based on priority and action source.

Action Tracking
Action Tracking
Action Tracking


  • Record, assign and notify any number of actions.
  • Create actions from multiple sources e.g. risk assessment, incident, audit.
  • Collate actions into an action programme to target areas of risk.
  • Automatically notify and escalate actions (including configurable accept/reject functionality on receipt).
  • Drill-down to action details from user-specific calendar views of all outstanding actions.
  • Track the cost of Corrective actions.
  • Attach documents and images to tasks.


Airsweb Action Tracking is a key tool in alleviating the poor safety performance of many organisations arising from the failure to complete audit actions or investigations into unwanted events.

Action Tracking underpins the EHS management programme by establishing the accountability and visibility necessary to effectively manage risk and compliance and promote positive behavioural change.

Action Tracking Action Tracking Action Tracking


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