Underneath the striking user-interface and seamless
user-experience sits the most technologically advanced system architecture of any EHS software product on the market. Deployable as a SaaS solution, AVA offers customers the flexibility you need without compromising security or performance.

Architecturally Beautiful

AVA’s architecture is loosely coupled and distributed using micro-services and polyglot persistence. It allows mobile and web applications to work together in harmony; online or offline.

Another advantage is that AVA is a chronologically state-aware system. Even the most complex system changes can take place quickly with minimal disruption to users.

Integration Hub

Our innovative “Innovation Hub” means you can integrate any number of mobile, web, or internet enabled applications to AVA - creating an eco-system of connected applications unique to you and your business.

Our solution is served by secure, restful APIs and middleware that has over 200 connectors out of the box, allowing us to automate and orchestrate business processes across your enterprise.

Building apps that connect and interact with AVA is the first step in moving to a more connected EHS world.

Safe and Secure

We take security incredibly seriously. AVA is protected by several security systems and protocols, provided by our partners Rackspace, Cloudflare and Symantec.

These global leaders in hosting and security help to ensure your sensitive data is protected by regularly patched, state of the art technology.

Every AVA customer has the following security features included as standard:

  • Encryption in transit and at rest
  • DDoS protection
  • Web Application Firewalls
  • Regular PEN testing
  • Threat detection and rapid remediation
  • Intrusion detection
  • Data Loss Prevention.

ISO Accredited

Airsweb are ISO 270001 accredited. ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (ISO 27001) is the international standard that describes best practice for an ISMS (information security management system).

Achieving accredited certification to ISO 27001 demonstrates that Airsweb are committed to following information security best practice, and providing an independent, expert verification that information security is managed in line with international best practice and business objectives.

View our ISO 27001 certifcate


Superior Intelligence

Intelligence goes much further than helpful business insights and reporting. Working with technology partners like Neo4j and IBM Watson, we make sure that you benefit from cutting edge technologies like graph databases, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Intelligent Insights Reduce Incidents

Working with legacy software can often feel like a battle to get the insights that you need. AVA works with practitioners to provide the kind of data that saves lives.


Artificial Intelligence is an overused term in software circles. But when we say AI - we mean it.

We’ve partnered with one of the worlds most advanced AI platforms– IBM Watson – to bring an unprecedented level of intelligence to your EHS software.

Thanks to Watson and our own brilliant engineers, AVA’s understanding of your data increases over time.

So the more you use AVA, the better your data, the higher your return on investment.

Graph Database

AVA’s graph database architecture uses the world’s leading graph database technology to offer a simple yet incredibly expressive representation of your data.

Unlike other databases, relationships take first priority in graph databases. This means your application doesn’t have to infer data connections. It understands inherently what these connections are.

The results? Deeper and more intelligent insights. More accurate conclusions from your EHS data. A safer, healthier and more sustainable working environment.


Usability and User-adoption

As a best-practice solution, huge considerations have been made to ensure that AVA is as feature rich as it is easy to use. Customisable forms and workflows, as well as flexible data relationships make AVA highly configurable.

The addition of a mobile interface helps to ensure that you can achieve the universal levels of adoption that will result in easily accessible, key business intelligence whenever and wherever you require it.

Experience AVA For Yourself

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