Why Choose Airsweb? Video

Sarah Young, Health and Safety Reporting Manager, Severn Trent Water, talks about her experience with Airsweb, system integration, and her own focus on a pro-active safety reporting culture.

Why Choose Airsweb? Video Why Choose Airsweb? Video Why Choose Airsweb? Video

Why Choose Airsweb? Video

Video Transcript

The health and safety culture in Severn Trent Water is driven by the top, the CEO is very interested, it’s one of our key things within the business and we do take it very seriously.

We’ve got a very diverse organisation, we’ve got guys out on the road digging up holes, we’ve got people in the office, so we needed a system that was easier for them to use for everybody and to also integrate with our 3,000 plus contractors.

Having a single system is much better than what we had before, prior to Airsweb we had two-systems, and we couldn’t actually integrate what we were seeing, people were reporting all the way through. With the single system, we can now see what is being pro-actively reported, and also our incidents as well. It gives us a clear line of sight from top to bottom.

It’s a benefit having the integration with SAP because prior to this we had to manually amend all our hierarchy. With this, we can actually get the hierarchy amended automatically and it also means that people can change line-managers and also their section is easier.

Our long-term safety goal is that the managers actually take responsibility for health and safety themselves, rather than seeing it as a central function. By doing this, they will then be able to drive health and safety in their own areas on our own journey to zero.

With the introduction of Airsweb, it’s allowed us to align our proactive reporting and our reactive reporting. That now gives us a clear line of sight between what hazards are being raised and what incidents we are having. We have seen a correlation between the number of hazards being reported and the number of incidents we’re having and the system has also allowed our proactive reporting to increase by over a hundred percent.

We have the backing of the senior management and also the IS department for the implementation to make sure it went as smooth as possible. We also had feedback that it was one of the smoothest implementations that the companies have had.

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