Why SaaS In Transport Video

Find out about GiST experience and key benefits of software as a service to both EHS and IS Teams within a large transport organisation such as GIST.

Software As A Service in Transport Software As A Service in Transport Software As A Service in Transport

Software As A Service in Transport

Video Transcript

The current range of Airsweb products helps us do our jobs as it’s easily accessible, we have sites distributed all over the country and throughout Europe, the fact it’s software as a service, you take care of all that for us, that makes my job easier as an IT manager, as I don’t have to look after it anymore. But it’s available on the web, it’s easy to use, it’s simple, training has been easy and there’s a large element in keeping it easy means that people can’t ignore it. When systems are cumbersome and difficult to use, people won’t use them – they throw their arms up in the air and say, “I’m not going to use this, this is too hard, so I’m not going to do it”, they don’t have that excuse with Airsweb.

Three key benefits of Airsweb were, A – it was a vast leap forward from where we were previously, we’d had a legacy bespoke system for years that really wasn’t meeting our needs. It was very cumbersome, and previously users could ignore using it. The second one is it has given us some elements of improved reporting – not quite everything we’ve hoped for, but it’s certainly moved us along way forward. Thirdly, it’s reduced the administration overheads for our health and safety teams and audit teams as it’s now all centralised it’s easily centralised and accessible, they are very mobile, they are out and about but we can all see what they are up to and what they are doing and where they are supposed to be.

When I’m investing in this type of software, I’d look for functionality, so does it meet the minimum functionality spec that we’ve outlined, so we get together with the users, we’d specify what they are after, rank those requirements, does it meet the minimum requirement, does it meet our ‘must-haves’, does it meet our ‘nice-to-haves’, beyond that we then think about where it’s going. Is it a viable product for 2, 3 years time with what we think the industry is going to look like, and what we think our business is going to look like and is the company we’re partnering with for this solution going to go in the right direction for us?

In our industry it generally fits very well, we are a logistics business, so we are very remote, in terms of our sites, we’re remote from our head office, large distances, it’s difficult to visit all of them. The fact that it’s easily accessible means that everyone can capture their incidents and we can push out self-management sites and see how they’re doing and audit and validate that management, as and when it’s needed. And when we see things that aren’t happening, or we are not happy with the results that are coming in. The software is a service model that really suits us.

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