Why Colas Chose Airsweb

Pat Sheehan, head of health and safety for Colas LTD

Why Colas Chose Airsweb Why Colas Chose Airsweb Why Colas Chose Airsweb

Why Colas Chose Airsweb

Video Transcript

I’m Pat Sheehan, I’m the head of health and safety for Colas LTD. We had an issue in terms of managing corrective actions, which was the biggest driver, so we started with what we called a ‘dream scoping document’. We looked at what we needed, what would be good to have and then the nice to have on top of that. Once we had that document, we then went out to a number of providers to look at various solutions on offer.

It’s quite a time-consuming process to go through this, but we finally came down to two providers, of which Airsweb was one of them. Once we had two providers, we then went into more detail with each of them. I think it’s fair to say that Airsweb offered the best solution to each of our issues that we required. They were also the most transparent on the costs and time to implement the system.

Colas are reaping the benefits of the Airsweb system, by having this data there straight away to all our users. People can go on look at their dashboards, have instant information that we didn’t have before. We now have a much leaner process. The business intelligence has allowed us to do a lot more trend analysis, to look at the types of incidents we are having, but also with the near-misses and our management safety observations, those trends that are leading to those incidents. We are a recent adopter of Airsweb, having implemented it in October 2016 and we are really starting to reap the benefits of the system, especially with the business intelligence itself, the data that’s it’s providing to our teams, both in the offices and out on site.

That transparency of information has really helped us with managing health, safety, environment, and quality. We have over 600 users of the Airswebs system, plus mobile users. And certainly one of the bits of feedback I’ve received is that the crews are so much happier being able to get that information straight onto that database and they know that people are seeing it and managing it, and they are confident they’ve delivered their part in managing health and safety on site. And we know that we are going to reap the benefit of that over the years in our partnership with Airsweb.

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