Leslie Duroe
Marketing Manager
June 4, 2018
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John Laing is involved in all aspects of infrastructure projects, from active investing to asset managing. They work within international markets including the UK, Europe, Asia and North America, and have risen to become one of the world’s most trusted brands when it comes to the field of infrastructure.What we did

John Laing uses Airsweb’s Accident and Incident module as well as the Audit module. Airsweb’s software solutions have enabled John Laing to do away with their previously used internal spreadsheets in favour of a fully accessible, organised approach to data management. For a company specialising in asset management and large scale investments, understanding their own data is key. Airsweb’s solution was therefore based around using the Accident and Incident module to understand where problem areas lie and how accidents can be prevented. The Audit module allowed them to plan, complete and review their audits all in one, easily accessible place. As a company working internationally, the ability to add and view information remotely is such a valuable element of what Airsweb can offer. Construction industry insights Construction is one of the key industries in which we work and therefore an area in which we aim to provide our customers with solutions that reflect what is happening in the industry, whether this means new regulations or actions HSE are implementing. Within our blog we provide up to date insights into the goings on in the world of construction and many other industries such as New Regulations for Lifting Operations. We also provide help and advice from a health and safety point of view such as Managing health risks in Construction.What we can do for you

Accident and Incident management software is just one of many solutions we offer here at Airsweb. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the means to delve into the data surrounding their company’s health and safety with the aim of helping find the root cause of issues and putting precautions in place to improve the lives of workers. Risk management and Audit management software allows employees to log, view and manage audits and risk assessments remotely. This means data can be quickly analysed and actions assigned to protect workers. Our solutions are flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of each different organisation. We work with our customers to develop our solutions, taking into account changes to your industry and your business. Call us today on 0151 289 6811 to gain a better understanding of just how we can tailor our solutions to you. Lee Davies

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