Leslie Duroe
Marketing Manager
June 4, 2018
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Customer service isn’t just about the local shop assistant making sure you’ve got everything you need. In today’s world of countless products, services and companies, customer service plays a bigger part than ever in the customer journey. To succeed in providing the sort of product or service (such as software) your customers will value, you not only have to know who they are, but also what they want. So what better way to finding out this information than listening to what they say, direct from the source. Make it possible for your customers to tell you exactly what they like, what they don’t like and most importantly take what they say on board. For Airsweb, this means presenting the Airsweb User Conference 2014; A chance for our users to keep up to date with the latest developments, share their thoughts and tell us how we can improve our product or software.

"It's a chance to see where the product is going, be able to put forward my thoughts, and a chance to talk to other users to understand how we can get the best out of the system by sharing ideas." Sarah Young, Health and Safety Reporting Manager, Severn Trent Water talking ahead of the Conference.

Below are just a few reasons why every product or service company should have a user conference. Gathering information using surveys Surveys can be run before, after or even during the conference to help you engage with and potentially gain knowledge of your audience, which you can then take away from the event. Choosing the right questions for your survey is key, this is your chance for a direct insight into your customer’s minds so take full advantage. Figure out who your customer is, what they think of your company and ask their opinion on how to improve your service or software. Getting people together Through getting all of your users in one place, you are not only providing a valuable moment for your own business, but also providing your users with a chance to network with each other, discuss similar views and make what can be seen as serious event a lot more relaxing and fun. This can present you with a chance to be valued by your customers as a thought leader within your industry, bringing people together. Say 'Thank You' and show understanding A conference can be a chance to show your users or customers a good time, and provide them with ‘memorable moments.’ Your customers are emotional beings, and therefore will find value in a company putting an emotional slant on something they are passionate about themselves such as ensuring the health and safety of their colleagues at work. A conference that leaves your customers with something interesting to think about will be remembered. Getting the users involved A user conference can provide the opportunity for a hands on approach with your customers. By having live demonstrations and workshops, users can really get involved in your product or software. This is also a chance for some issues yours customers may have to be raised and a chance to quickly spot which areas of your service can be improved. Where “We” Belong Here at Airsweb, we are seeking to improve the products we provide in order to make the experience of our customers more rewarding. In our opinion, there is no better way to improve our products than through asking the advice and opinions of our customers. With this in mind, the final example of listening is to gather users of your software, product or service in one place. For Airsweb, we aim to do this via our User Conference 2014. This is our opportunity to collaborate with our audience and provide better solutions for the 300,000 plus users we have globally. The conference, held on November 13-14, at Hotel La Tour, Birmingham, will not only include insights from our customers but also from keynote speakers Simon Garrett and Dr. Tim Marsh. We hope both of these speakers will provide value to our audience and a more in-depth look at the world of sustainability and health and safety. If you are an existing customer and attending this conference is something that is of interest to you, contact us today or call us today on 0151 2896811. Help us listen to you. Lee Davies

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