Rob Leech
Product Development Director
June 4, 2018
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There have been many surveys and reports over the last few years that have questioned office design and the effect this has on employee health and welfare as well as productivity.  Reports have suggested that through knowing where the weak or badly designed areas are within your organisation, and finding solutions to these, companies could save themselves a lot of money [1]. A recent report puts the spotlight on the Gulf States. The companies within these states are said to be losing a substantial amount of money each year from lack of productivity and health and safety issues. It is said that the reason behind these factors is the lack of effective, well designed office spaces. For large companies the loss is much greater, at $70,000 a year. Despite  larger companies having access to larger spaces and more money, the space is generally not designed to work to its full potential and therefore a high volume of people across the company are not working as productively as they could be and are at risk of accidents. Medium sized companies could be losing as much as $35,000 a year, a figure that could seriously hinder the growth and development of such a company. The report not only suggests that office design has an impact on productivity but also physical factors too. The health and wellbeing of workers and staff could be put at risk in badly designed office spaces. The report, which covered 850 senior managers across the Gulf Cooperation Council nations, stated that more than 30% of all accidents in the workplace were a result of poor interior design [2]. Of this 30%, 26% said that blocked corridors or walkways caused accidents, and 25% said overfilled storage was a key factor in many injuries due to a lack of storage space. In fact, of those senior managers asked, they estimated that an average 14 man-days had been lost over the last 12 months through employee accidents and 39 days lost due to employee sickness and illnesses, all of which could be attributed to poor office design. The correlation between office design and productivity is not a new discovery. Research from the Architects Journal (KL1) came out almost 10 years ago which revealed that poorly designed offices could be costing the British economy billions every year. A report based on the research of senior and middle managers from the legal, financial and media sectors, suggested that employee productivity could be increased by 19% as a result of a better designed office space. This is the equivalent of a £135 billion annual increase to British businesses. At Airsweb we work with you to understand where the issues lie within your organisation, whether that be in the office space design or in-house communication. We use our accident and incident reporting module to provide root cause analysis, ensuring unwanted events are not repeated and therefore improving the safety of your business and the welfare of your staff. The fact that productivity increases along side this, saving your business money, is an added bonus. Do you think your workspace could be improved, and your organisations health and safety enhanced? Call us today on 0151 289 6811 or email us at info@airsweb.com for more information.   Sources: [1] http://workplaceinsight.net/poor-office-design-costing-firms-gulf-states-dear/ [2] http://workplaceinsight.net/poor-office-design-costing-firms-gulf-states-dear/  

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