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June 4, 2018
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On 01st October, HSE enforced three different health and safety regulations across the UK. These changes surround worker safety and public safety when working with explosives, flammable substances and chemicals. To deliver these new legislations HSE have worked closely with people in industry in order to modernise and simplify their processes. The three areas that these changes will affect are related to acetylene, petroleum and explosives. The main elements that will change as a result of these new legislations are as follows: Acetylene As of the 1st October, there is now one set of regulations surrounding working with acetylene. The main changes for those working with acetylene simplify the complex processes involved with using this substance.[1]

  • HSE now does not need to approve certain acetylene equipment. Those using this equipment will only need to comply with current standards set in place by HSE.
  • The current complex approval process for manufacturing, compressing and filling cylinders with acetylene will be changing to include licences. This applies to cylinders greater than 0.62 bar.

Petroleum The changes relating to petroleum are predominantly about storage. Those who store petrol, either for retail or private reasons will need to follow the new regulations as set out below. The main points revolves around the licensing system being replaced by a certification scheme.[2]

  • To store petrol at a petrol filling station a certification will be needed.
  • These certifications will need to be issued by the Petroleum Enforcement Authority (PEA) and will then be enforced by the PEA.
  • The certificate will become invalid if the prescribed materials change. This means a ceasing to use or decommissioning of petrol storage tanks or the moving of any tanks, pipe work, petrol pump or dispenser to a new location.

Explosives Companies dealing with explosives will now be dealing with much more simplified, consolidated regulations as outlined below.[3] These will look to improve public and worker safety when manufacturing, storing and handling explosives.

  • A 5 year licence can now be issued by local authorities.
  • Extensions will now be available for storage of ammonium nitrate blasting intermediate (ANBI).
  • Separation distances involving explosives have now been restructured.
  • A revised list of explosives that can be stored without certificate has been issued.

In the ever changing world of health and safety, finding a solution for your business that can adapt to your needs is invaluable. The software we provide here at Airsweb is scalable, flexible and functional for the shifting environment of safety legislations in business. We will act as your QHSE partner, working with you to ensure that when new laws and legislations are released, your safety solution software can adapt. Contact the team today on 0151 289 6811 or email info@airsweb.com to arrange a demonstration Were you aware of these changes to legislation? Will this affect your business or working life? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @airsweb Lee Davies Glenn Hardy Sourceshttp://www.hse.gov.uk/explosives/new-regulations.htm


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