Leslie Duroe
Marketing Manager
June 4, 2018
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Finding the right information on the internet can be hard. With so much information out there, even trusted sites such as the HSE site can be mind boggling. When it comes to health and safety you’ll want to know the right information for you, and fast. So, with this in mind, HSE have launched a new COSHH tool to use online which will enable you to find the right advice and information around controlling the use of chemicals. So how does it work? The e-tool will take users through a number of questions and steps to discover what tasks you need to complete, what chemicals you’re dealing with and how to go about using and controlling them. You’ll first be asked about the processes or tasks you undertake. This could be something very specific such as car spraying, or if you’re unsure, something vague such as mixing. You will then be asked about the number of chemicals you use to undertake the task above, what the chemical or product name is and it’s state, such as liquid or solid. Once you have completed this you will be asked to add more information about the specific chemical and manufacturer’s warnings, risks and hazards.

What are the results?

After providing the e-tool with some specific information you are then given data around the specific chemicals. This includes how hazardous it is, warnings around using it and suggestions to ensure your working environment is as safe as possible and reduce the risk of harm to workers or members of the public. These results are tailored to the data you input and therefore highly specific to your role or processes within your company. Try it out for yourself here. This is a great example of how technology can help create health and safety solutions. As a company who specialises in software solutions and using technology to enable safe working environments, it’s great to see how technology is helping communicate risks and solutions. Here at Airsweb many of our software solutions focus on reporting and analysing data. This includes incident reporting, environmental reporting, observations, action tracking, audit management and risk assessments. Through consolidating data from across the company in one place that is accessible from anywhere, data can be displayed and understood clearly giving a full picture of where weaknesses and strengths lie. Once a root cause has been found, solutions can be actioned across the company through our software. Making for a more informed, safer work environment.

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