Mark Swithenbank
Managing Director, Airsweb
June 4, 2018
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Greenergy, one of the largest road fuel suppliers in the UK (supplying around one quarter of the UK’s fuel) have chosen airsweb® as their QHSE software solution. Along with the core Accident and Incident module, they will also implement Audit Management and Risk Management. Greenergy is a leading national provider of road fuel with significant infrastructure and service capability. In 2012 the company supplied 10.9 billion litres of petrol, diesel and biofuel – more than one quarter of all the road fuel sold in Britain. Much of this is provided on a managed basis, with services covering stock management, scheduling, haulage and biofuel compliance. Customers include the major oil companies and supermarkets, to whom Greenergy supplies diesel and petrol for retail sale as well as biofuel for onward blending. The company also supplies diesel to major fleet users such as bus and logistics companies. Greenergy is now Britain’s third largest private company.

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