Rob Leech
Product Development Director
June 4, 2018
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Rising energy prices in the UK are always a sensitive issue to both public and private sector organisations. Reducing consumption of natural resources including water and energy in businesses is high on the government’s agenda. This is predominantly because the public and private sector organisations are responsible for a large proportion of the UK’s greenhouse gas emission. Not only to protect the environment, reducing energy consumption may reduce the impact of rising energy prices and most importantly to businesses, create massive savings. In order to achieve a reduction in energy consumption, the UK government are supporting industries and businesses in their efforts to make a change. Many actions have been implemented in order to encourage businesses in their plight to reduce their energy consumption. Below we have listed just a few examples of these actions. CRC The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme sets out to improve energy efficiency in large public and private organisations. These large organisations are estimated to account for over 10% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions [1], it is these high consumers who qualify for this scheme. CRC, meaning Carbon Reduction Commitment, requires businesses to monitor their energy use, submit reports and keep records of energy supplies. Climate Change Agreement This is a voluntary scheme that organisations can sign up to in order to reach targets for energy efficiency set by the government. So far over 9,000 sites in a total of 53 industrial sectors [2] have signed up to these targets. Meeting these targets gives these energy-intensive industries discounts on the Climate Change Levy. Enhanced Capita Allowance The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme provides businesses with tax relief providing they meet certain criteria including investing in specific energy saving equipment and energy efficient technologies. Green Deal This is a long-term deal to encourage building owners to make energy saving upgrades to their home. Through this scheme, businesses and homeowners can pay for the building upgrades using the resulting savings. EU Emissions Trading System This system put in place by the EU, puts a price on greenhouse gas emissions. This gives businesses financial incentive to reduce their emissions as well as limiting the emissions from electricity generation and other energy intensive industries. This has been described as a major part of the EU’s plan to reduce energy consumption. With all these deals to help businesses save money and reduce their energy consumption there doesn’t seem to be a reason to delay making changes to your business. Airsweb offers an environmental reporting management system that measures and manages a business’s consumption or production of resources. With this data, businesses can then find where and what steps and processes are needed to be more efficient, and ultimately save the business money by reducing their consumption. Call Airsweb today on: +44 (0)151 289 6811 for more information about our environmental reporting software and let us help find the right solution for your organisation. Lee Davies Glenn Hardy [2] https://www.gov.uk/government/policies/reducing-demand-for-energy-from-industry-businesses-and-the-public-sector--2/supporting-pages/climate-change-agreements-ccas

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