Leslie Duroe
Marketing Manager
June 4, 2018
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The New Year has begun, resolutions have been set and many people are well on their way to carrying out their New Year resolutions. However, have you set resolutions for your business? Here at Airsweb we have put together a short list of our top five resolutions you should consider for 2015.1. Listen to your workforce

One way of understanding where the risks in your business lie is through talking to the workforce. Who better to give you an understanding of the working environment that those who work within it every day. Make a resolution this January to communicate more with your workers. Ensure you listen to any worries and concerns and formulate a plan that takes these into account. 2. Understand your business statistics Keeping track of the finer points and the statistics in any business is important. This could be anything from measuring profit, customer retention or employee effectiveness. However, don’t forget to gather data essential for operational and security risk assessments. If you haven’t already, make sure in 2015 you have a clear understanding of your operational board’s vision for quality, health and safety management and its views on sustainability. 3. Improve your reporting accuracy By this we mean finding a way to ensure your reporting of accidents and incidents is as accurate as it can be, in order to implement the best solution. This is one of the benefits of the Accident and Incident module from Airsweb. Through improving the accuracy of your reports you can gain a much more detailed view of the problem and the root cause. 4. Reduce your environmental footprint Sustainability is a term that is growing in stature every year and is now a function in itself within many organisations. As a business setting a resolution to reduce your environmental footprint could not only help protect the world in which you live in, but also save you money. Start the New Year well with the Environmental Performance Reporting module from Airsweb. EPR is a software solution that records, reports and analyses your business’ resource consumption, allowing you to monitor your resolution to reduce your environmental footprint throughout 2015 5. Improve working standards The most important resolution you should make is to improve the lives of your workforce. Employees are the driving force of most companies and therefore ensuring their safety should be of the highest priority. Our eBook on managing stress in the workplace offers valuable tips for managers and supervisors on promoting wellbeing and preventing stress within the workplace. Airsweb is a company dedicated to providing software solutions that work for you as part of your QHSE programme. If you have set yourself any of these professional resolutions, here at Airsweb we can help you achieve them. Call us on 0151 289 6811 or email info@airsweb.com for more information about our solutions and how these can help your business and protect your workforce.

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