Rob Leech
Product Development Director
June 4, 2018
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Following a collaboration in February 2014 Airsweb continue to be recognised as a 'Commercial IT Thought Leader' as part of a video series by leading news publication, The Independent. The video feature focuses on the concept of a "sustainable future in QHSE" and includes client commentary and discussion on where the future of QHSE is heading. Speaking after the video was launched on The Independent website, Lee Davies, Marketing Manager said: "We are delighted with the final video! It shows how we are focused on working in partnership with our clients as the landscape changes and how this is prompting everyone to be more strategic and forward thinking i.e. what our clients need and what we should deliver." 12 months on there is still a thirst for content: "We are now developing a new content series around the importance of data-driven decisions and the shifting towards sustainability in large organisations." Lee said. Lee added: "Data-driven insight that promotes behavioural change is something every QHSE Director and Manager is looking for. The data must be accessible and have a narrative that can influence board-room decision making on sustainability, CSR and governance, risk, and compliance. Airsweb want to be seen as the partner of choice, providing the solutions that help make those decisions. You only have to look at what we achieved with Severn Trent Water to understand that. Nearly doubling their reporting allowed them to look at why those incidents are occurring, and set measures in place to respond. In short, data-driven behavioural change that a software solution like airsweb® is capable of providing"

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