Tim Jubb
Digital Marketing Manager
June 4, 2018
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Leading EHS software provider Airsweb have been recognised by industry analyst Verdantix as setting the trend in innovative wearable EHS technology. The Verdantix report ‘How Digital Technologies Enhance Health & Safety Training Outcomes’ released in April 2018, identified Airsweb as one of the ‘few firms piloting’ wearable EHS technology. The technology identified in the report is Airsweb Safety Nudge. Briefly:

  1. Safety Nudge uses either AirVis (a smart hi-visibility jacket) or AirCompanion (IOT device) and Bluetooth beacons, placed in the hazardous zone.
  2. The beacon and the wearable device communicate with each other.
  3. If the wearable device moves into a hazardous area or out a safe zone, the beacon will alert the wearer with audio, visual and haptic notifications.

Safety Nudge has been developed for use in sensitive industries like Oil and Gas where smart phones are not always permitted. This is not the first time Verdantix has noted Airsweb’s commitment to innovation. In their definitive 2017 Green Quadrant report, Verdantix termed Airsweb a standout partner for ‘EHS VPs that have one eye on the future’. “We are always working on new ways technology can make the workplace safer,” said Rob Leech, Product Director at Airsweb. “Our Safety Nudge offering is just one of many innovations we are researching and developing. Our main product is called AVA. AVA is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) EHS solution which is used by EHS professionals all over the world. But we realised some years ago there was huge scope for wearable devices in EHS. So, our product roadmap focuses on AVA, but supported by a network of connected apps and devices. The aim is to not just make organisations safer through better reporting, but to use real-time data and connected devices to make work places risk aware, producing location based safety alerts.” The Verdantix report ‘How Digital Technologies Enhance Health & Safety Training Outcomes’ was released in April 2018. It is available at http://research.verdantix.com For more information on the Safety Nudge, watch EHS Software and The Dawn Of Wearable Smart Tech

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