Rob Leech
Product Development Director
June 4, 2018
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  Capture incidents and observations as they happen with Airsweb mobile.Regardless of what type of industry you work in, if you need quality reporting on risk exposure and incidents then Airsweb Mobile can help you lead the way to minimise and reduce reoccurrence in your organisation.


Eliminate paper audits out in the field

Without an effective off site mobile solution capturing incidents or completing audits requires two stage inputting, once at the site and then back in the office. It’s an ineffective use of time and resource, causing delays in vital management decisions which could also lead to increased risk to workers, the environment and customers. With Airsweb Mobile you capture incidents and identify risks across multiple sites and in the field, in real time, leading to immediate access to quality data, without the doubt of synchronisation issues.  

Increase data quality

Reporting risks and incidents as they happen means you’re less likely to input wrong information or forget vital details. As time lapses our memory retention elapses by 60% within a 24 hour period, which is a typical desktop entry timeline when inputting data.

Having instant access to upload key data and information, as quickly after the incident or at the time of an audit delivers far more indepth and quality information that can help support your companies behaviour safety programme.

Provides access to data when and where needed

Using Airsweb mobile EHS management system provides you with access to the offline application without connectivity when and where needed. Ideal for when revisiting or updating an incident at location, auditing, completing a risk assessment and even uploading images and documentation at the site - efficiently and timely.

Airsweb mobile on any device

Airsweb mobile has a responsive design that fits any tablet or device and with its ease of use and accessibility, even with the smallest screens in mind, you can be confident of successful user adoption with contractors and employees.

Airsweb mobile EHS management software offers increased opportunities to improve productivity and safety performance within your organisation allowing users, and contractors to. -        Capture incidents and observations as they happen. -        Schedule, download and conduct audit and inspections remotely -        Upload supporting visual evidence utilising the device cameras -        Integrate with your organisations SSO with peace of mind that all data is protected and encrypted in case of loss or theft.

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