Leslie Duroe
Marketing Manager
June 4, 2018
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The term SAAS or 'software as a service' is becoming more profound as part of a wider discussion on integrated EHS Software, as companies look for more efficient and cost-effective ways to manage their EHS or QHSE programmes. In many cases, the decision maker is often faced with the challenge of not being a direct user of the software, such as an IT or IS Project Manager. In this instance a more subjective and 'criteria-based' selection process is carried out to ensure the right software for the business is chosen. In an industry such as Transport or Logistics, when sites are often remote, employees travel far and wide from head office and communications can often be confused, an easily accessible software system is key. For GIST, an international logistics company, Software as a Service (SAAS) was the right choice. "Software as a Service will make my life easier as an IT manager as I don’t have to look after it.” Carl McIver, IM Manager, GIST.The Problem In many cases the previous/incumbent system of reporting does not meet the current or future needs of the company. Older systems can be cumbersome, with staff ignoring it due to being difficult to use. This often renders the incumbent system a problem from both a user adoption viewpoint and also demonstrating investment value back to the business. The Opportunity When choosing software, the first thing Carl looked for was functionality. Did this meet the needs and wants of his company, and more importantly the users? A service such as airsweb®, that is highly accessible, suits a logistic company such as GIST in which much of the staff are based in remote sites or have no specific base at all. The Solution  The SAAS system from Airsweb allows health and safety teams and audit teams within organisations like GIST to reduce overhead costs and see improved reporting. As teams travel across the country, reporting can be centralised in one, easy accessible system. This enables organisations like Gist to have consistent and up to date knowledge of all sites. 'Your Software Partner in QHSE' We work closely with all our clients to ensiure they get the very best from airsweb®. We will act as your software partner, as a committed and experienced company, working with you to ensure that you have the right software solution for your business. Interested in SAAS? Learn more HERE. Contact the team today on 0151 289 6811 or email info@airsweb.com

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