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Airsweb Partner with DREEM Solutions Airsweb Partner with DREEM Solutions Airsweb Partner with DREEM Solutions
Airsweb Partner with DREEM Solutions

Airsweb – creators of the world’s most technologically advanced and easy to use EHS software, Airsweb AVA – have joined forces with DREEM Solutions to deliver a powerful solution to reporting environmental data and sustainability metrics, helping clients remain compliant.

“We are delighted to strategically partner with Airsweb, a leading company in the EHS market, to help their clients achieve their environmental goals. DREEM Solutions & Airsweb share the same vision of using modern technology to deliver a powerful yet simple solution to a complex problem faced by many companies in the EHS market. With this exciting collaboration, we are offering companies around the globe an easy approach to capture environmental data, a powerful engine to support complex calculations and impressive capabilities for reporting and data analysis.” explains Khal Rabadi, CEO & Co-founder DREEM

The forever increasingly complex environmental regulations and sustainability guidelines requires companies to manage and report a plethora of data including; air pollutant emissions, greenhouse gas emissions, storm water discharges, water usage, wastewater discharge, waste treatment and disposal.

Airsweb Partner with DREEM Solutions

About DREEM Solutions

DREEM, LLC. (Dallas, TX) was founded in 2014 with the vision of automating the capture, calculation, analysis, and reporting of environmental and sustainability data.  DREEM Solutions is a cloud-based solution that is built with end users in mind, highly configurable with sophisticated graphic analysis and reporting capabilities (Business Intelligence), which enable users to easily produce management reports that intuitively convey complex relationships and trends, enabling users to track, analyze, and report upon events with sustainability and environmental implications.

Applying DREEM solutions to your management reporting is supported by excellent project and implementation management from initial proof of concept to delivery. Learn more about DREEM Solutions

“For EHS VPs that have an eye on the future, Airsweb is a standout partner.”  – Verdantix Green Quadrant report 2017.


Learn more about Airsweb AVA – the most technologically advanced EHS software solution in the world.

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