Silgan Dispensing Finds The Right EHS Fit For Their Global Organisation

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Leslie Duroe
Marketing Manager
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September 12, 2018

Airsweb, the leading EHS software provider, are pleased to announce that new North America client, Silgan Dispensing, has implemented Airsweb AVA to enhance the management of safety and environmental performance into their operations.

Silgan Dispensing chose Airsweb AVA EHS software based on the progressive capabilities of AVA and the rich functionality it will deliver to their 12 manufacturing sites, spread across North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Silgan Dispensing is a leading global supplier of highly engineered triggers, pumps, sprayers and dispensing closure solutions to major branded consumer goods in the home, health and beauty markets. With its breadth and depth of technology, consumer insights and manufacturing expertise, Silgan Dispensing provides innovative and customisation solutions that meet brand owner needs. Whether the application calls for a pump, a sprayer or a custom dispensing device, Silgan Dispensing can tailor their wide-ranging and well-known product portfolio to meet customers’ needs. As a leader in global dispensing solutions, Silgan Dispensing is committed to improving both customer experience and its partners’ businesses.

Silgan Dispensing are committed at all levels of EHS operations, with 100% commitment to meet regulatory and applicable compliance obligations.

Joel Johnson, Silgan Dispensing Global Safety Specialist shared: “After seeing a live demo of the AVA system, we realised it was a great fit for our global organisation. The intuitive nature and the multi-lingual functionality of the database were key components to partnering with Airsweb. The real-time custom dashboard, charts, and mobile app capabilities are truly remarkable.  The new advancements and technological features that are coming soon will further enhance our reporting capabilities. We are excited about this new partnership and the prospects of future advancements.”

Airsweb VP Business Development North America, Don Ahearn, confirmed, "Airsweb AVA has been generating a lot of interest since its launch earlier this year. As Joel mentions AVA is rich in functionality with an impressive user interface, but it is important to also talk about how AVA takes advantage of modern innovative technologies. Silgan Dispensing has now successfully introduced our Incident Management module and we are now planning phase II which includes a review to further strengthen their reporting capabilities and introduce our Environmental Reporting Management module."

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