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Leslie Duroe
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March 8, 2019

This week saw the kick start of the increasingly successful 2019 HSE Global Series, focusing on ‘Supporting HSE Professionals Breakthrough the Plateau in HSE Improvement.’

Delivered by Paul Clark HSE Engagement Services, Airsweb are delighted to commit to the 2019 series, delivering thought leadership roundtable discussions at each Congress.

Rob Leech, Airsweb Product Development Director raised the questions - Do Virtual technologies provide benefit in the workplace or increase risk?

HSE Summit roundtable

The feedback from the round table session was also enlightening, with Rob sharing -  “ We had a great VR Technologies roundtable session. It generated interesting insights and views on the impact of virtual technologies while exploring industry use cases and possible associated areas of risks. Training and task augmentation were a constant theme, with the cost in time to create applications seen as a worth-while investment and a pressing business case going forward.  Sharing and discussing ideas with EHS professionals who are on the ground, certainly provides great vision on how software providers need to consider the positive and negative impact that technology can deliver and the real influence it brings in saving lives.”

Richard Ainley, Airsweb VP Sales EMEA, “As a sponsor of the 2019 HSE Global Series I can truly say that everyone attending benefits from such positive and interactive EHS discussions.The calibre of the attendees and engaging programme raises a host of diverse challenges that EHS professionals are facing today and in the future. It provides amazing perspective on the future of health and safety and the impact this is having on EHS professionals.”

More about Paul Clark HSE Engagement Services

Paul Clark HSE Engagement Services are the cutting edge of physical senior leadership engagement programs.  Leading content, outstanding speakers and senior leaders together with one goal, to help breakthrough the current HSE plateau. The HSE Global Series is a global initiative to support regional leaders in continents and countries such as the UK, Europe, North America & Middle East.

 The next HSENA Congress  is being hosted in Houston. Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th June 2019, The Whitehall Houston, Texas

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