Enterprise Health and Airsweb Announce Strategic Partnership

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Tim Jubb
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February 19, 2019

Airsweb, a leading provider of environmental health and safety (EHS) software and Enterprise Health, a best of breed employee / occupational health record solution, today announced a partnership designed to offer employers a comprehensive solution.

Until now, organisations in the market for EHS and occupational health software have had limited vendor options, been forced to choose between a rolled-up solution with limited functionality, or disparate solutions that are poorly integrated. The Airsweb / Enterprise Health partnership is greater than the sum of its parts and is intended to give companies a complete best of breed solution minus the typical concessions.

“We work primarily with blue-chip, global employers and our user community has directed us to pursue partnerships with EHS vendors” added Enterprise Health President Jeff Donnell. “As we surveyed the market, we were extremely impressed with the Airsweb suite of software in terms of technology, functionality and user experience. More important, our organisations are incredibly similar in terms of history, philosophy, commitment to innovation and focus on scalable growth.”

“We’re privileged to partner with Enterprise Health and I’m also excited for what this means for our customers,” added Mark Swithenbank, Airsweb CEO. “Here at Airsweb, our main area of focus has been on safety and environment. With today’s announcement we will be able to offer customers a market leading occupational health solution as well.”

Best of Both Worlds

Enterprise Health are one of the largest providers of occupational health software in the world, with customers in over 50 countries and nearly a dozen languages, serving several million employees globally. Enterprise Health is the only comprehensive employee health record that combines occupational health and compliance and employee engagement with an ONC-ACB certified EHR— delivering a complete occupational health IT experience on a single, highly-interoperable, cloud-based platform — equipping enterprise clients and their employees for a healthier future.

Airsweb are one of the leading providers of EHS software with customers in 123 countries in 35 languages. Airsweb have over 500,000 users globally. Their platform, Airsweb AVA released in January 2018 is one of the most technologically advanced and easy to use solutions on the market. Built with modern API technology, AVA has been engineered to interface effectively with solutions like Enterprise Health.

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