Airsweb AVA Updated With My Tasks

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Tim Jubb
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September 5, 2019

Leading EHS software solutions provider Airsweb are proud to announce a key update to Airsweb AVA with ‘My Tasks’. My Tasks organises everything users have to do, both now (action completion, incident sign-offs etc) and further in the future (scheduled Audits or Inspections) in one place, helping them to organise and prioritise themselves.

“My Tasks was a popular feature in our legacy platform,” explains Airsweb Product Development Director Rob Leech. “So we are pleased to announce its migration to AVA. It is a great feature for planning daily, weekly and monthly activities.”

Powered By Graph Technology

The key difference between My Tasks in AVA compared to similar features in other platforms comes from the graph database that powers it. Airsweb AVA is the only EHS software provider in the world to utilise a Neo4J graph database technology. “In much the same way as ecommerce platforms might give you shopping suggestions, My Tasks will provide you with key insights about your upcoming tasks,” says Leech. Graph databases are much better at drawing correlations between data than traditional databases. “The insights AVA will provide range from ‘did you knows?’ to whole paradigm shifts about certain data-sets.”

Airsweb AVA Becoming Solution of Choice

Launched in January 2018, Airsweb AVA is the solution of choice for a growing client base. With ease of use, mobile technology and technical sophistication at its core, AVA is built for the modern organisations. A true SaaS product, AVA customers enjoy regular inclusive updates to their platform. “The My Tasks update is just one of several updates AVA customers have enjoyed so far,” continues Leech, “And we have more updates coming soon – not to mention further updates to My Tasks!”


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