Airsweb AVA Ease of Use Drives User Adoption

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Tim Jubb
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January 22, 2020

Airsweb, the leading EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) software provider today announce a milestone for their AVA platform as the 500,000th record is created. Launched less than 18 months ago, this statistic demonstrates that the AVA platform is being fully utilised to support customers with their EHS safeguarding initiatives.  

Ease of Use

One of the biggest challenges for EHS managers across the globe is user adoption. Without large volumes of data, EHS managers do not have enough evidence on which to make important safeguarding decisions. AVA is proving to be the solution to that challenge by dramatically increasing user adoption.

AVA has been designed from the ground up to increase significant event reporting. AVA’s mobile app and voice enabled capabilities epitomise the philosophy behind AVA. Mobile devices are notoriously difficult to type long form prose. Voice-enabled technology means users can report events in any scenario in their native language.

AVA’s ease of use isn’t limited to event reporting. Everything in AVA is built with ease of use in mind. Dashboards and reports follow drag-and-drop methodology that many desktop users are familiar with. Once created, users can share their dashboard or schedule regular reports. Customers using AVA have seen an increase in usage in all areas of the platform, from incident management, to audit management and environmental performance reporting.

Aiming for Frictionless Reporting

Part of the Airsweb success story is down to their unwavering commitment to R&D. Airsweb invest 15 – 20% of turnover in research for safety technology. “We are striving to get to a place where event reporting is entirely frictionless,” says Airsweb Product Development Director Rob Leech. “By frictionless, we mean that there are virtually no barriers to event reporting. Whether it is through our voice-first technology or through other means, we want to make it as easy as possible for end users to report any event. This means that EHS Managers have more data with which to make potentially life-saving decisions. The extra data can dramatically increase the effectiveness of those decisions.”

The Future

Airsweb Managing Director Mark Swithenbank says,“It’s a great achievement to have hit this milestone in such a short period. But let’s not forget that Airsweb have been in the EHS software space for over 20 years. We’ve put all that expertise and experience into building AVA. As the momentum around AVA builds, we are only going to hit future milestones faster and faster.”

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