Action Tracking

Action anything. Track everything. Easily assign, track and verify actions related to incidents, audits, permits or virtually anything else.

Flexible Action Tracking for Modern Organisations

Action Tracking allows you to assign actions and track them through to completion. The simple act of creating an action in AVA increase visibility of tasks and helps to establish accountability. Action Tracking can be used as an integrated solution or as a stand-alone solution.

Integrated Action Tracking Solution

Action Tracking is integrated across all modules in AVA. So whether you are raising an incident, arranging an audit or conducting a risk assessment – action tracking can help you to keep track of the tasks related to that event. And much, much more…

Key Features

Create an unlimited number of actions. Create actions from multiple sources e.g. risk assessment, incident, audit. Collate actions into an action programme to target areas of risk. Automated email and SMS notifications Escalate actions (including configurable accept/reject functionality on receipt). Drill-down to action details from user-specific calendar views of all outstanding actions. Track the cost of corrective actions. Attach documents and images.

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