Health and Safety in Manufacturing

Health and safety software for manufacturers and the manufacturing industry

Manufacturing is considered one of the most hazardous industries for employees, alongside construction and two of the biggest priorities in the manufacturing industry is the safety of employees and the impact of the company on the environment.


  • It’s estimated 2.5 million works in the UK working in a range of diverse industries
  • Each year on average 22 workers die in workplace accidents
  • On average 33,000 workers suffer from illness caused by working in the manufacturing industry.
  • Whilst over the last decade the rate of work related illness has fallen by around 25% it is estimated that in 2014-15 alone 2.4 million working days were lost in the manufacturing sector alone.
  • Around 70,000 manufacturing workers in the UK sustained an injury at work annually with a quarter of cases resulting in over 7-days absence.

Source* Health & Safety Executive

Using tools, heavy machinery and a variety of chemicals and biological processes, some of the biggest corporations around the world provide all of the industrial goods we benefit from every day. In the meantime, Airsweb provides a variety of software that many of these global players rely upon to make this happen as safely and efficiently as possible.

Environmental health and safety for manufacturing

Choose from a range of integrated EHS management software which allow site managers and safety personnel to manage risk, health and safety communications and also incident reporting. With our modules, you will be able to create workflows and receive email updates to ensure that you’re always on top of any situation. Meanwhile, our real time analytics software is on hand to generate reports and help teams to review health and safety standards and safety.

Manufacturer compliance software

Health and safety compliance is all about staying up to date with the latest legal legislation. With our comprehensive range of compliance modules, you can be confident that your day to day working practices meet the expectations of the Health and Safety Executive, from Action tracking to Audit management. Customers also have access to an up to date library of Material Safety Data Sheets.


Much like the rest of global industry, manufacturing is affected by the latest legal legislation concerning the environment. Businesses are under pressure to demonstrate that they are compliant with the very latest guidelines regarding energy, emissions and the impact of their business on the surrounding area. With our Environmental module, you can not only reduce your business’ environmental footprint. But also evidence and improve business processes with positive financial savings.

Why do manufacturers choose Airsweb?

Manufacturers all over the world choose Airsweb EHS management, compliance and sustainability software because it provides real-time visibility. You can safeguard the health and wellbeing of employees and customers, and you can demonstrate your sustainability efforts to the relevant authorities.

Paul Shacklady, NGF Europe EHS Manager

‘We went live with the module in 2012 just in time for a major CDM (construction, design and management) project at Lea Green,’ explained Paul. ‘The Permit to Work module proved an asset in controlling a large number of contractors across a host of disciplines. We are currently in the throes of developing the Permit to Work module further to include a contractor database. Airsweb has an in-depth knowledge of our needs and expectations and can be relied upon to develop complex systems to meet our requirements on time and on budget.’