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Leslie Duroe
Marketing Manager
Published On
September 8, 2020
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September 29, 2020
Virtual Congress

How Anomaly Detection and Similar Events Reduce Unwanted Events

Join Jason Wright, Business Development Director, for an engaging and insightful session on a subject relevant for all EHS professionals. Be part of the start of this conversation, exploring the possibilities for using anomaly detection and similar event patterns to increase insights that are currently ‘unobserved’.

Data is the modern-day oil, with huge value often lying dormant or unseen. The safety industry is no exception with EHS professionals presented with increasing amounts of data and a growing number of sources from social media to ever expanding IOT and system integrations.

The opportunity to find valuable insights can easily be missed due to the amount and frequency of changing data.

One way to automatically gain data insights faster and more efficiently is to introduce anomaly detection methods and similar event tools. These provide a powerful channel to automatically detect changes or shifts in safety data or similar patterns of events that previously would go unseen.

[Definition: Anomaly detection refers to identification of items or events that do not conform to an expected pattern or to other items in a data set that are usually undetectable by a human expert.]

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Over two days and with keynote speakers, the programme is guaranteed to create conversations with all EHS professionals attending.

HSE Global Series seeks to improve safety, reduce incidents, save lives through their informative and engaging virtual congress programme across the globe.

Each congress programme is developed and constructed through advisory councils made up with some of the greatest minds in HSE. Members fo the HSE UK North include members representing brands from: BP, L'Oreal Paris, Wates, Jacobs, Reckitt Benckiser, Paradigm, SNC - LAVALIN and more.

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