Construction Health and Safety

Health and safety software and compliance tools for the construction industry

UK statistical headlines*

  • In 2014-15, it’s estimated, half a million days were lost due to workplace injury and 1.2million due to work-related ill health.
  • In the last five years there have been 217 fatal injuries which is 3.5 times higher than the average across all industries (1.62 per 100k construction workers against 0.46 per 100k other industry workers)
  • The injury rate for skilled construction and building trade workers is even higher at 4.4%
  • Top five risk factors in the Construction sector, where 5 or more employees: 80% machines or tools, 74% lifting/moving, 67% vehicles, 65% repetitive movement, 64% slips, trips and falls.

Source* Health and Safety Executive

As these headlines indicate, the construction industry is a high hazard industry and a wide range of health and safety measures must be enforced at all times to protect the wellbeing of employers and limit the impact of construction work on the environment. As construction projects get bigger and more ambitious,  health and safety solutions must grow in kind.

Now, Airsweb has created a suite of web-based EHS management, compliance and sustainability software tools so that businesses can deliver up to date health and safety compliance in real time, wherever their building projects are taking place.

At Airsweb, our job is to make global health and safety as simple and easy to use as possible.

Environmental health and safety management for construction companies

Powerful and 100% scaleable: our cloud based EHS management software is suitable for even the biggest global construction companies as it is modular, which means you purchase the tools that are relevant to your business needs. From a completely web-based Permit to work system, to our ProActive Safety tool (PASS) and Advanced Root Cause Analysis, But our suite of modules also features simple, user-friendly tools for incident management and risk assessment so that you can be ready for anything, wherever a construction project is taking place.

Compliance and sustainability for construction

With an up to date library of data and a range of tools to demonstrate that your business is in line with the latest legislation, our compliance modules feature everything your construction company needs. All of the modules available offer full integration with our EHS management solutions and sustainability tools. Simply choose the applications that your business needs, and help the company maintain positive behavioural and cultural best practices.

Why construction companies choose Airsweb for EHS management software?

‘The Airsweb system provides an excellent way to record our data and provide insightful trend analysis that means we have excellent data to direct and focus our management time and effort to the areas that will significantly influence improvement to our health and safety performance.’

Neil Edmunds, Wates Safety Director

HS management, compliance and sustainability software by Airsweb is popular in the construction industry for one significant reason: our web-based modules are all best of breed software solutions.

We can help you to make a seemingly difficult job simpler, even if your operations are being carried out simultaneously in different parts of the globe.