Chemicals Health and Safety

Chemical health and safety software and CHIP, CRD and COSHH compliance


  • 8,000 Chemical and pharmaceutical products workers were classified in 2015 as suffering from an illness that was caused or made worse by their work
  • During the period 2008-2014 the highest rates of annual reported cases of occupational skin disease were seen in the industry group: manufacture of chemicals.
  • 2710 out of every 100,000 workers involved in the manufacture of chemical and pharmaceutical products reported an illness as a result of their job in the past 12 months

*Source Health and Safety Executive Statistics

The chemical industry encompasses a wide variety of circumstances all over the globe, one fraught with risks and sustainability issues. There has never been a greater need for an agile, scalable and holistic approach to EHS management, compliance and corporate sustainability. Fortunately, these elements could not be simpler to manage from anywhere with Airsweb EHS, risk and compliance software for the chemical industry.

While the chemical industry is at the heart of the modern world economy it is also subject to ever increasing sustainability and compliance regulations. Businesses are governed by health and safety legislation, including the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH), and in addition to this, all are required to document how their business practices have been altered to bring them in line with the latest sustainability guidelines to be put in place.

With the various best of breed safety and compliance software modules available from Airsweb you can document incidents, manage health and safety procedures and ensure that your business is always compliant and always adhering to its duty of care.

Environmental health and safety management software for chemical companies

Our cloud based EHS management software solutions are powerful and 100% scalable, making them suitable for businesses of any size within the chemicals industry. Our health and safety software suite is modular, which means businesses can add additional applications they require to deliver effective EHS management. The modules available can be used to manage risk, analyse root causes and record incidents. A completely computer based Permit to Work system can be installed and also become part of daily work practices.

Chemical industry compliance software

Our auditing software modules include audit management, action tracking and an up-to-date library of Material Safety Data Sheets. There are many to choose from for every eventuality and they can all be accessed any time anywhere. All of the modules can be integrated with our EHS management and sustainability tools. With an Airsweb package, you can adopt chemical industry best practices whilst delivering positive behavioural and cultural change. A sophisticated analytics tool can be used to demonstrate your progress and your adherence to health and safety and chemical laws.

Why do chemical companies choose Airsweb?

When the biggest companies in the chemical industry choose EHS management, compliance and sustainability software by Airsweb, they benefit from the best applications in the business — and they can tailor their package of modules to cater to their specific needs.

In addition to controlling their compliance practices from anywhere in the world, Airsweb customers receive real-time visibility on all aspects of health and safety, compliance and sustainability at all times.