Severn Trent Water

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Mark Swithenbank
Managing Director, Airsweb
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July 21, 2020
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The Issue

A software change meant a new incident reporting system was needed. Severn Trent Water previously used the Lotus Notes online application suite for health and safety incident reporting and occupational health matters. Details of hazards were reported both into Lotus Notes and a third party system depending on its classification, this meant splitting the information. As the company had moved to a Microsoft email platform a new system was needed to track incidents, near misses and hazards all in one location. Severn Trent Water wanted to improve its understanding of incidents reported and hazards being identified.

The Opportunity

One size does not fit all.

Severn Trent Water invited a number of suppliers to propose an incident reporting solution. The company understood that in order to influence behaviour where both employees and contractors were more proactive in reporting hazards or near misses, the reporting needed to be more accessible and intuitive.

Airsweb was among several companies that presented solutions. However, it was the only company to configure its incident reporting service to meet the exact needs of Severn Trent Water during the selection process.

“When we reviewed the presentations, of which there were about five, we noticed that the only one that changed each time was from Airsweb,” Sarah Young said. “Each time we gave feedback, Airsweb listened to what we had to say and configured their service so that it gave us what we wanted. We needed a company we could work alongside, and Airsweb proved from the very beginning that we could do that with them.”

The Result

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