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Safety Whiteboard: Notifications

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Rob Leech
Product Development Director
Published On
November 21, 2019

Now the art of a notification is - get it to the right person at the right time. And that's crucial, that's great - it's a simple rule. When this happens tell this person it happened. But when you start to build up and lots of rules go in, lots of things start happening - audits, actions, permit to work, you get lots of noise and if you've not got really good rules on a really good approach, notifications can often sort of go like this -  you get 10 things happening and unfortunately just because of their rules and their permissions and what this person can see and do, they get 10 notifications. What happens here is - this person just starts putting rules in to delete these, things to ignore these things. They get blind to them.

What you really have to do is think about how to configure this. Now with Airsweb some of the key things we do is - we allow this user to subscribe and unsubscribe to notifications. So if a user thinks - look I get lots of noise of noise from my audit system I only want to know about it once a week in a summary, they can actually tell these rules - actually go here to a weekly reminder. Forgive me my typing - weekly reminder of everything that goes on, so straight away I am reducing these lines. Now I'm getting only the things I'm interested in, yet weekly I'll get emailed my reminder. And the user can subscribe and unsubscribe to these things and again you're pushing the admin down the line to the person who knows what they want.

You can force things - so you can put a rule and say - no this user needs to know about these things - that's another key thing about how your approach your rules - you need to define which ones must get through and which ones you don't mind going to a weekly thing. You know when someone raises an audit and there's 50 actions, do they want an email on every action - no. They like one email with all that summary of those audits in. Again that's about how the user has got the power to define which subscriptions they see, and which subscriptions they don't see. And by subscription I mean the notification you get from that. It's just some simple housekeeping rules but it really adds traction in your system people don't say your software is awful, your system is awful because you configured death by the email as we all claim, or death by notifications it's really key to hone it. And this is any notification like I say - whether you've got beacons that are telling people's wearable technology information constantly and safety nudges - that needs to be tailored - important ones. Less important ones, they go to a weekly digest.

Just some ideas everybody hope you thought that was useful it's Rob Leech from Airsweb, thanks.


Rob Leech

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