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Safety Whiteboard: NFC and QR Codes

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Author Photo
Rob Leech
Product Development Director
Published On
April 20, 2020


Hi everybody, I’m Rob Leech, Product Development Director for Airsweb. A few minutes today just to talk about the concept of NFC codes or QR codes. You’ve probably all heard of them, we do contactless payments with our credit cards, we also read information,usually on sales and marketing brochures, QR codes, NFC stickers, really low cost, QR codes you can even make yourself.

 But why are they useful to the safety space?

Well we have lots of clients now who are using this simple, lightweight technology to really improve incident reporting, let me show you…

 I can come up to this QR code, I use my QR code reader and straight away it takes me to a website, to an app, to an incident form, to an audit, to an observation page. I have not logged on, I don’t know the system, but I can now fill in some information. So,we’ve got a client in the rail industry (and you can read about this on SHP who actually use the QR code technology to really improve incident reporting. They’ve got a lot of workforce coming in and out of the organisation being exposed to hazards, they want them to be able to trap incidents straight away, really quickly, they use QR codes. They’re free to generate, they put them on posters, people with mobile phones can quickly report an incident.


NFC stickers as well,they go a little bit further, you can get really sophisticated NFC stickers.You can see this little band that I’ve got around my wrist – pennies to buy,but you can program these also to take you to a place. So, a contractor comes on site, not really sure how to report an observation or an unsafe act, or even look up a risk assessment – give them an NFC band, using their phone on the top of it, it will take them to that particular location. It doesn’t have to be Airsweb, you could go to an SHP library, you could go to risk assessment, you could go wherever you needed to go to. It’s just a way of using low-band technology, like these that are very, very cheap, to have such a big increase in your reporting which is key to us all - to keep your reporting numbers up.


That’s it from me today, thanks for joining, Rob Leech.


Rob Leech

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