Why Health & Safety is Important

By marketing@airsweb.com

November 21, 2016

Why Health & Safety is ImportantHealth and safety is an integral part of any and every business. Firstly, it ensures that the wellbeing of employees, customers and visitors is protected. Secondly, observing health and safety rules makes sense from a business perspective too: it decreases costs, reduces the chances of prosecution or reputational damage, and decreases the likelihood of reduced profitability.

What is health and safety?

When we talk about health and safety, we’re referring to the fact that employees, visitors, and customers should be able to enjoy freedom from disease, injury or infirmity. They should all have a sense of mental, physical and social well being too.

Health and safety rules are there to protect employees

Good practices ensure that employees do not face unnecessary or uncontrolled risks when performing their jobs – even in industries and roles that are considered more ‘risky’ than others.

Health and safety are the subjects of many laws and regulations, and failure to comply with the law can leave businesses open to prosecution and a myriad of financial, reputational and practical consequences. So, it’s critical that a positive health and safety culture is a central part of every business.

It makes good business sense

As well as being ‘the right thing to do’, there’s actually a very strong business case for observing health and safety as good practices mean that:

  • morale and productivity will rise
  • risks to employees are reduced
  • businesses enjoy greater efficiency
  • incidents are less likely to arise
  • unscheduled absences and illness will be reduced
  • businesses will see a lower staff turnover
  • insurance costs are lower
  • the ‘bottom line’ will be improved as businesses have to pay for fewer accidents and injuries
  • businesses need not fear reputational damage
  • businesses can tender to work using a strong safety performance record.

Attention to health and safety makes good business sense, and as a result, it should be seen as an achievement that’s just as important as any other measurable business objective.

It encourages social responsibility

Finally, businesses have a social responsibility for upholding health and safety in the workplace. In short, this refers to the fact that businesses are accountable for their ethical practices, which extends as far as ensuring that employees, visitors, and customers are never put in harm’s way in the course of business operations.

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