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Enabling Complex Organizations To Meet Shifting Requirements

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Leslie Duroe
Marketing Manager
Published On
November 21, 2019

Maintaining up-to-date chemical inventories, GHS-compliant hazard communication documentation and conformance with increasingly complex global regulatory obligations is no small feat, particularly for multi-national organisations. Finding the right combination of solutions, providers, and partners is crucial for the successful execution of a proactive compliance program. 

From managing supplier data obtainment to supporting GHS-compliant SDS and label authoring to ensuring accurate waste and transportation classifications, 3E Company can deliver a comprehensive, cost-effective chemical management solution tailored to your unique compliance requirements. Our 25 years of global EHS compliance experience and award-winning suite of solutions enables us to seamlessly integrate into core workflows within world renowned third party platforms. Our integration with Airsweb, a UK-based leader in EHS, Risk and Compliance management solutions, further demonstrates our continued commitment to forming strategic alliances with select industry-leading system providers to deliver increased value to our combined global customer base. 

Airsweb and 3E have collaborated to create a combined solution to promote seamless access to critical hazard communication documentation, substance-level regulatory content and chemical regulatory data across the organisation. Customers can now access our award-winning 3E Online®-SDS safety data sheet (SDS) management platform through Airsweb’s suite of health, safety and environment software solutions. Airsweb users can seamlessly move from the MSDS module into 3E Online to view and access their SDS repository in any language from any location, worldwide. Providing a flexible, global solution for protecting your people, your assets, the environment and your reputation is central to the mission of Airsweb and a core reason for our collaboration.

A Solution for Increased Efficiency and Reduced Risk

The time, effort and expense required to chase down suppliers and keep SDSs up to date is a burden that leading companies are no longer willing to bear. In response, we have aligned to integrate 3E’s robust solutions and content with Airsweb’s modular, cloud-based EH&S management software, promoting compliance by facilitating the efficient exchange of safety and product data across organisations. This joint solution can significantly improve GHS compliance by providing companies with automated retrieval of relevant SDSs in the language and jurisdiction required, 24-7-365. Users can not only access current SDSs and critical data attributes, they can utilise a variety of advanced features including labels, waste and transportation classification, regulatory reporting and a database of millions of GHS-compliant SDSs expertly obtained and maintained by 3E’s regulatory specialists. With 3E and Airsweb you can rely on a single trusted resource for proactive compliance support. Our joint solution delivers:

  • A powerful integrated GRC software platform
  • Instant and efficient access to GHS-compliant SDSs for each chemical, material or product in your inventory
  • Increased efficiency by removing tedious, time-consuming manual processes involved in managing and updating safety data manually within disparate applications
  • Streamlined access to critical data attributes to support key features in the Airsweb platform
  • Live 24-7-365 3E EH&S Call Center support for SDS requests as well as emergencies including spills, inhalations and exposures
  • 3E’s industry-leading SDS database—the world’s largest
  • Increased workplace safety, reduced risk and improved compliance with regulatory requirements including GHS

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Leslie Duroe

Leslie has been at the start of the Airsweb innovation journey and has, over the years, written a few articles highlighting the value of digital technologies in EHS Incident Reporting.

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