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EHS Software and The Dawn Of Wearable Smart Tech

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Leslie Duroe
Marketing Manager
Published On
April 8, 2021

Organisations of all sizes face varied and fluid challenges when it comes to ensuring Environmental, Health & Safety best-practice; whether that’s remaining compliant with local legislation or achieving universal adoption of processes throughout an organisation. A powerful and easy-to-use EHS software platform like Airsweb’s AVA is an effective way to achieve all of this, whilst simultaneously reducing direct business costs. But is computer software enough? 

Laptop displaying an AVA dashboard

Airsweb Managing Director, Mark Swithenbank on the importance of innovation:“Working with an EHS software partner who has innovation at their core will be imperative for organisations of all sizes over the next 5-10 years. Our ability to evolve our technologies - both capability and usability – is increasing year-on-year.”

What are the next big innovations in the EHS space?

Mobile first: 

There is a direct correlation between the time it takes to report an incident and the likelihood of that incident being reported at all. For varied and geographically dispersed teams across the globe, not having the ability to do this in-situ is an obvious barrier. AVA’s mobile-first approach allows staff to use their mobile or tablet devices wherever they’re working, to report incidents efficiently, as they happen. 

A perfect of example of this is AirLens; a mobile application that allows a remote worker to take a picture of a particular situation and log that directly into the AirLens cloud application. AirLens even works offline and will update AirLens cloud the next time he or she is connected to a phone signal. This provides an opportunity to review real life actual reality and provide toolbox talks for hazardous trends and even help promote Best practice. 

Wearable Technology:

As software becomes more sophisticated – incorporating cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and AI – the opportunity to broaden its reach to the wider Internet of Things (IoT) becomes really exciting. In sensitive industries like Nuclear or Oil & Gas, workers are not always permitted to carry smart devices or cameras on-site, meaning that they aren’t able to take advantage of using a mobile reporting application like AirLens

, Airsweb’s AVA platform intelligently avoids this barrier by pairing with a series of wearable technologies, making incident avoidance and reporting not just efficient – but instant.

 Here is Airsweb Business Development Director, Jason Wright introducing Safety Nudge and showing a short demonstration.


Leslie Duroe

Leslie has been at the start of the Airsweb innovation journey and has, over the years, written a few articles highlighting the value of digital technologies in EHS Incident Reporting.

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