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Capturing Data, Made Easy, In Real Time

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Charlie Wright
Published On
April 28, 2021

Modern technology advancements mean that businesses are now able to move away from manual data entry towards a seamless automated data capture. Data capture is the act of capturing information and converted into readable computer data.

When an effective data capture strategy is implemented. It ensures companies' fast, accurate and automated data that will save a business time and money. Whilst also providing invaluable real time insights. There are a variety of digital tools available to make capturing data easier. For example,

  • QR Codes (a machine-scannable image that can instantly be read using a Smartphone camera.)
  • Barcode Technology (an optical scanner that can read printed barcodes, decode the data contained in the barcode and send the data to a computer.)
  • Voice Recognition (the process of taking the spoken word as an input to a computer program.)
  • Forms: Website/newsletter sign-up forms, social media sign-up forms, gated content, progressive profiling, multistage forms.
  • Website Behavioural Tracking
  • Promotion and Advertising: PPC advert extensions, campaigns, surveys, SMS sign up
  • Character Recognition: Optical character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR)

Why Is It Important

With little to no human involvement, automated data capture offers a more cost-effective approach. While also offering efficient, fast communication and accurate processing.

One of the biggest issues with manual data entry is that it is susceptible to high error rates. Even with diligent quality control, human errors happen. Integrating automated quality control checks allows the data to be accurately scanned as it is captured. Reducing mistakes and improving accuracy.  

An automated capture system allows for anomaly detection. Even though anomalies in data occur only very rarely. Data capturing can help to identify and spot unexpected events, observations, or items that differ significantly from the business’s norm. Types of anomaly detection data could be:

  • Hacking
  • Malfunctioning Equipment
  • Structural Defects
  • Infrastructure Failures
  • Textual Errors

A developed data capture system can offer increased security with sophisticated user access controls and logs. Reducing issues like accountability and security that businesses may run into when using a traditional approach to paper handling. Helping businesses to identify and react to these actual anomalies that are essential from a business perspective. Anomaly detection is central to extracting essential business insights and maintaining core operations.

Interested to know more about anomaly detection? Check out our On Demand IOSH webinar on anomaly detection to find out more.

Technological advancements like OCR (Optical Character Recognition, and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) allow the machines to recognise multiple typefaces and handwritten documents. Converting text from paper to digital form. Such technologies can be applied across all form types and non-standard documents.

These advancements mean that businesses are met with a fast turnaround time compared to manual conversion processes. Enabling forms to be quickly processed compared to a more manual approach which could take up a considerable amount of time. Therefore, data capture offers a shorter process period that creates a responsive system.

AVA Frictionless Reporting Tools

In terms of the health and safety industry, technological advancements mean that new and accessible digital tools are developed to enable everyone to raise and record incidents. For instance, Airsweb Swift, a responsive web app, was developed to offer users a simple solution to easy reporting. After joining Airsweb last year, GKN Wheels & Structures, the world’s leading manufacturer of off-highway wheel and structural assemblies reported a 50% increase in incident reporting after implementing Swift from the previous year.

Employees are able to scan QR codes displayed in safe areas. Allowing anyone to report a near miss or hazard directly onto AVA. Swift empowers teams to record and analyse data across multiple platforms directly from their smartphones. Our frictionless reporting tools like WhatsApp, Swift, and SMS, mean that users have a reliable yet accessible range of tools for everyone in the organisation to easily use to report a near miss or hazards. A mobile-first approach to event reporting, with no downloads required. Ensuring only the essential information is collected by A. I (Artificial intelligence) powered virtual assistants. Offering customisation to remove barriers, increase reporting and data capture to make better safety decisions, all from your phone.


Digital data capture eliminates the traditional event reporting channels that are open to human error, data risk, and misreporting. Implementing an effective solution like Swift, not only reduces time and effort for businesses. But puts in place a responsive, reliable, and ready-to-use system. Having such a simple solution in place removes barriers and error. While also making your day-to-day business a whole lot faster to respond to EHS reporting and identified challenges. Ready to evolve? Find out more about how our frictionless reporting can help you.


Charlie Wright

Charlie has been with Airsweb for over a year. She had written articles with the interest of health & safety, environmental impacts and reporting software

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