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Can EHS Software Help To Build More Houses?

Post Photo
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Charlie Wright
Published On
February 17, 2020

The housing crisis in the UK has been increasing year-on-year. The construction industry has continuous pressure to build at a faster rate due to the government’s plan to annually build 300,000 homes by 2025. The current sector can only deliver 183,000.The rush to build homes comes down to the housing shortage in Britain. Builders are working as fast as possible. But what does the pressure to build, mean for both quality and safety?

The shortage is compounded by the fact that the UK’s construction industry is behind other nations in productivity. Germany, for example, has higher productivity due to working shorter but stricter hours. The country has a strong manufacturing sector. There is also a focus on investing in the latest technology. In fact, for every 100,000 people in Germany, 1,034 work in research and development.In the UK, that figure is just 883 per 100,000, around 15% fewer. EHS software helps to bridge the productivity gap in the UK.

Many construction companies still use spreadsheets to manage the safety, time, cost, resources, and quality of a project. However, studies show that 88% of spreadsheets contain serious errors. If safety standards slip as a consequence, this could lead to an increase in LTI (lost time to injury) incidents on the worksite. Leading to lower productivity. An improvement in safety can mean an improvement in productivity.

EHS software can offer a quick and simple solution. Incident reporting, behavioural based safety, and action tracking are common features in most EHS software. Behavioural-based safety modules help organisations to identify hazards. Integrated action tracking can put in corrective actions to rectify the hazard preventing any incident that may occur. Should an incident occur, powerful dashboards and analytics help HSE managers to spot trends and set corrective actions. All of these features will help to reduce LTI and improve efficiency and productivity. A safer work environment will be formed, due to a decrease in lost time and fewer accidents, leading to an increase in productivity. Furthermore, EHS software will help to reduce the risk of an error that is inherent in spreadsheets.

By improving the day-to-day running, construction companies can focus on maintaining a high quality of housing, while handling the need for higher output. Software, like Airsweb AVA, can be an effective tool to help improve productivity and protect workers at the same time.


Charlie Wright

Charlie has been with Airsweb for over a year. She had written articles with the interest of health & safety, environmental impacts and reporting software

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