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12 Seasonal Safety Tips To Stay Safe At Christmas

Post Photo
Author Photo
Charlie Wright
Published On
December 19, 2019

1. Don’t put the tree too close to the fireplace

Did you know- that candles have caused around 1,000 UK house fires, resulting in 9 deaths and 388 casualties? It is important to make sure that your Christmas tree or any other flammable items such as Christmas cards are not too close to an open flame. Christmas trees, decorations, and cards are also a fire risk and responsible for 47 house fires, leading to 20 non-fatal casualties across the UK.

2. Choose fairy lights carefully

We can all be guilty of keeping Christmas decorations a little too long past the expiration date. If you have used the same fairy lights for years, it is time to replace them! Fairy lights went up in smoke causing 20 fires in 2011/2012. Newer models contain LEDs and meet a much higher safety standard. Modern fairy lights are a more efficient and safer alternative to an older choice. Also be careful when hanging fairy lights – particularly if using them outdoors. To be safer, make sure to not lean and to have someone anchoring the ladder.

3. Don’t overload plug sockets

Around the Christmas holiday, there is usually a lot of Christmas décor and lights plugged in every plug around the house. However, you should avoid overloading plug sockets with socket extensions and instead use 1 plug per socket. If too many appliances draw power from one socket it may overheat and cause a spark. To be extra safe, make sure you turn off all plug sockets when you’re not using them and when you’re going to bed.

4. Beware of clutter

Fairy lights or decorations are perfect to get everyone in the festive mood. However, trailing cables from fairy lights and cords can become a tripping hazard if you are not careful. It is best to keep these cables out of sight, to prevent any stumbling.

5.Christmas Crackers

Pulling crackers before the big feast has been a tradition for years on Christmas day. However, these Christmas crackers hold more than just festive fun, but hold a large amount of unnecessary plastic. 154,000,000 pieces of plastic will end up in landfills or our oceans in the UK alone. This negative impact on the environment means that there needs to be a better alternative. There is always an option to make your own, a plastic-free cracker.

6.Drink Responsibly

The holiday Christmas season is the time where the fun begins. People are more relaxed and have a few more drinks than usual, especially on Christmas day. A great tip is to have a glass of water after every alcoholic drink. It is also best not to drink on an empty stomach. But most importantly, do not drink and drive. Planning a way home with a designated driver or taxi is a must.

7.Careful when Christmas online shopping

Online shopping has made it easier for people to shop for presents in the comfort of their own home. However, scammers are particularly active at this time of year.  Always double-check the website URL before entering any details. Cyber-scammers will slightly change the site name that refers to popular brands. Make sure that ‘https’ is in the web address.  You will know if the site is secure if there is a padlock or unbroken key in the browser window.

8.Careful of the kitchen

Preparing enough time to cook Christmas dinner can be hectic and overwhelming when there are ‘too many chefs in the kitchen’. Keep anyone not helping out in the kitchen. Rushing can lead to the chance of hot fat, boiling water and sharp knife accidents that come from not having enough preparation.

9. Avoid glass baubles or Christmas novelties

Small children can be tempted to grab anything insight, especially if it sparkles. Glass baubles or novelties can be mistaken for toys but are not, even if they may look like one. It is important to keep these out of reach by placing them high up on the Christmas tree. These novelties may not apply with toy regulations and could be a choking hazard. If it was to smash, it could cause the risk of cutting any little feet or the paws of pets.

10. Leave gifts out of sight

The Christmas holiday is the prime time for thieves with presents in every house. A great tip to follow to keep safe around this time of year is to keep presents out of sight of windows to help deter potential burglars. If you are driving to family, it is best to keep presents safe in the boot or to cover presents with a blanket to stop interest from the outside looking in.

11.Water Your Christmas Tree

The arrival of the fairy-lit pine means that the festive season is fully underway. However, America’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) made an eye awakening film on 'Why You Should Water Your Christmas Tree'. Trimming two inches off the stem diagonally will mean that the tree can absorb water easily. This useful tip can help save the merry season from a catastrophic ending.

12.Never Toss Anything But Logs Into Your Fireplace

A warm fire can be tempting to throw everything from wrapping paper to greenery onto the flame. However, Greenery and tree needles burn much faster than logs. This could cause sparks that could fly into the room. Especially with empty packages lying about from the morning unwrapping, could lead to a dangerous situation. Wrapping paper contains metallic materials that could be hazardous to breathe in. Make sure the fire is out and the embers are cooled before you leave the house or go to bed.


Charlie Wright

Charlie has been with Airsweb for over a year. She had written articles with the interest of health & safety, environmental impacts and reporting software

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