Addressing your needs

Airsweb’s EHS, risk and compliance software solutions are designed to meet the various needs of the organisations we work with:

Know what’s going on in your organisation

Our software solutions ensure that the relevant people know what is happening at all times. Our software securely centralises:

  • key documents
  • risk assessments
  • incident investigations
  • asset inspections
  • training records
  • supplier information

In addition, related records can easily be linked, and action tracking ensures that nothing slips through the cracks. Airsweb’s software solutions also attribute alerts and flags to tasks, highlighting issues that need to be addressed. This ensures that you have:

  • increased visibility
  • increased accountability
  • an ability to see who is responsible for specific tasks
  • awareness over task statuses and KPIs

Reduce incidents and defend claims

Make informed decisions with data

Airsweb’s software solutions help you to reduce incidents and defend claims by capturing and interpreting data relating to EHS, risk and compliance. Use data to define your business’s approach to EHS, risk and compliance, determine which aspects need improvement, and even use it to support financial investment in HSE in your workplace.

Conduct in-depth investigations

Our software solutions facilitate in-depth investigations, making it easy for organisations to gather and input further information and evidence as soon as an incident or near miss has occurred.

Immediate alerts and notifications

Airsweb’s HSE software can be configured to trigger immediate alerts and notifications so that incidents and near misses are tracked and handled by the right person at the right time, allowing you to navigate EHS, risk and compliance issues with confidence.

Easy reporting

Our solutions make the reporting of incidents and near misses possible by anyone in an organisation, simply using an internet enabled device (including via mobile phone app). This makes reporting quick and straight-forward, allowing you to capture valuable data to reduce the frequency or severity of incidents going forward.

Access everything remotely

Our software solutions are cloud based, which means solutions can be accessed on the go. Download and conduct audit inspection remotely, capture incidents and observations as they happen before integrating with your organisation’s SSO.

In addition, data can be entered offline in the field (including incidents, observations and audits), meaning you can enter data into the solution once connectivity has been re-established.

Use your time effectively

Airsweb’s software presents information in a way that’s easy to understand. It’s simple to use, and the format and filtering tools (along with the design of the dashboard) means you will make the best of the time you have. Our HSE solutions allow for:

  • interconnectivity
  • linked documents
  • alerts and reminders
  • integration with other systems
  • powerful search functions

Our software solutions also make reporting far more efficient too, improving processes and reducing operational costs.

Share information easily

Airsweb’s HSE, risk and compliance software solutions reduce paperwork, centralise and link documents, link related tasks, track approvals, record signatures and automatically disseminate documents to locations all over the world.

Due to the fact our solutions are cloud-based, information can easily be shared throughout your organisation. You can also:

  • ensure that senior managers and directors have visibility over trends or particular areas of focus
  • give employees access to relevant HSE information
  • allow employees to report incidents directly
  • assign tasks and delegate responsibility to those best placed to manage a task
  • easily share best practices across your organisation
  • use HSE software to communicate updates as rules and regulations change

High security levels are standard, and backup facilities are automated so that important health and safety data is protected.

Ensure compliance

Airweb’s EHS, risk and compliance software solutions help to ensure organisations are acting in accordance with HSE laws, QHSE compliance and corporate social responsibility. The software allows you to:

  • easily access complete sets of information with full audit trails
  • ensure mandatory training is taking place
  • confirm that contractors are being inducted onto HSE courses
  • ensure that maintenance dates aren’t missed
  • demonstrate that corrective and improvement actions are always implemented
  • guarantee that quality, consistency and best practices are followed throughout the organisation
  • regularly review risk assessments

Using our software solutions gives you the ability to assure senior managers and directors that all necessary HSE, risk and compliance measures are in place while simultaneously guarding against prosecution or damaged reputation.

Promote a safety culture

Finally, our easy-to-use software solutions play an integral role in promoting a safety culture, facilitating a positive businesses process and ensuring productivity and profitability. HSE, risk and compliance issues are no longer burdensome.