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Root Cause Analysis

Analyse underlying incident causes to mitigate risk

The Airsweb EHS Root Cause Analysis software solution captures and analyses incident root causes in order to mitigate risk and drive continuous health and safety behavioural improvement.

This module enables organisations to carry out thorough incident investigations and analyse root causes within one system. By capturing root cause information directly associated with incident data the tool can provide valuable insights into trend patterns and provide decision-making information for corrective actions and risk reduction strategies. Causal tree templates guide the user through the process to ensure that appropriate and relevant questions are asked and that consistent data is captured.


• Apply a common methodology to root cause analysis e.g. 5 whys, basic checklist tree
• Implement Corrective and Preventive Action tracking based on root cause investigations
• Establish patterns and underlying causes through reporting, dashboard and analytics tools
• Generate automated Action notifications based on root cause investigations
• Use the flowcharting tool to establish an event timeline

Airsweb Root Cause Analysis

Airsweb Root Cause Analysis screenshot


Airsweb EHS Root Cause Analysis provides a consistent methodology for capturing, investigating and analysing underlying incident data. It enables companies to reduce costs and incident rates by addressing the source of the problem through Corrective and Preventive actions to change behaviours and mitigate risk.

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'airsweb® has become an invaluable tool...the system has been integrated into management system processes, specifically for reporting, escalation, investigation and root cause analysis.'

Volkerail Emma Glenc, VolkerRail Assurance Manager

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